100 Mile South Down Relays – Arena 80 come away triumphant.

The news has come in that for the first time in 10 years our Arena ladies team have taken 1st place with 14 minutes to spare.

The ladies had a head to head start with last year’s winners Lewes Ladies but Arena 80 took the lead from the first leg and maintained it throughout. Everybody ran their hearts out, kept their running cool and didn’t do anything daft which resulted in a fine win for the ladies.  Congratulations to Emily Louise Hutchinson, Katherine O’Hara, Dani Tarleton, Caroline Hoyte, Rachael Woolston and Tara Shanahan!! Also a big shout going to Fiona Jamie for brilliant driving (both on the day and getting the ladies out to practice each legs) and to Chris Naylor for some excellent time keeping. An outstanding achievement and to see all the hard work pay off for them.

The Arena men’s B team also came away with Gold with 24 minutes to spare and yet again the hard work paid off for these guys. Well done to Del Wallace, Jim Watson, Jim Risdale, Teo van Well, Steve McNealy & Kevin Meegan for some solid running and also to Peter Knee for driving the guys around.

The men’s A team just missed out on a placing but should still very proud in 4th place amongst some very stiff competition. Their time was 10hr 58mins and it has to be said for all of our athletes that the conditions were not favourable really but they all stuck to their runs and gave it their all. Great performances from Al Silvester, Michael Barker, Paul Arscott, Richard Clayton & Timmy Gedin and Dan Vaughan. A big thank you to Anne Miners & Michael Miller for superb navigating, driving, cake, teas, and general entertainment!

The team camaraderie amongst everyone out there is second to none and it’s these team events that build bonds and friendships amongst our athletes.

On behalf of everyone at Arena 80 we congratulate each and everyone of you involved for making it a very proud day for Arena 80 ac.