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Sussex Masters XC – Lancing Jan 23rd 2016

Congratulations to the Arena ladies at the Sussex Masters XC.

Another sterling performance from the ladies and more medals bagged. Conditions, as you would expect, were muddy and a tough hill to conquer twice but this did not deter them and medals were a plenty.

Tough and determined.

Tough and determined.


A80 Ladies results
3rd O35 Katherine O’hara,

2nd O35 Team Katherine O’hara, Dani Tarleton & Juliette Roberts
3rd O45 Caroline Wood
1st O55 Clare Aqulina, 2nd Jenny Hughes

2nd O45/55 Team Caroline Wood, Clare Aquilina & Jenny Hughes


Although the men’s team didn’t bag any positions on this occasion, you can be proud in the fact that they gave it their all and worked hard in the tough conditions. These races really bring out the camaraderie in the team and these races are about a team bonding. Please bare this in mind for the last XC league race of the season on February 13th (see calendar or earlier post for details).

Working hard from the men.