A new addition to the men’s club records with James Dixie Dicks

My Apologies as it has been a very couple of hectic weeks in the Arena calendar and this brilliant race by Dixie nearly slipped through the net.

They say patience is a virtue and with that we must say huge congratulations to James ‘Dixie’ Dicks who looks to be coming back from an injury prone year in fine style with a magnificent race at the Bright10 in which he placed 21st overall in a superb time of 58.43.

Dixie had raced the day before at the Goodwood XC race and was first man home for Arena in 18th place overall and so to then come out the next day to stick in a performance like this was a dazzling display of running from our man.

His time of 58.43 was good enough to take his role of honour and get him a place in the Men’s club records in the 10 mile category.  It’s quite historic in some ways as it pushes out one of Arena’s finest and longer standing records as we say goodbye to Mats Gedin from the 10 miler list.

James’ time catapults him into 3rd place and the bright10, by the looks of it, is certainly a place to land a fast time and a chance of a place it this stellar line up of Arena athletes.

Here is the new look club 10 mile records:
1 Al Silvester SM Bright10 2016 57m 21s
2 Gary McKivett SM Oldbury10 2016 57m 40s
3 James Dicks SM Bright10 2017 58m 42s
4 Luan Huynh SM Bright10 2015 59m 01s
5 Joe Ashley SM Bright10 2015 59m 17s

You can find all the club records here: Club Records