A80 Club Hill Run Champs & Super Series Thursday 27th July

A80 Club Hill Run Champs & Super Series Thursday 27th July

Contact for all details: dannyc@dannyc.co.uk

Meet at SDW crossing point (gate each side of narrow road) as it goes over short bit of road just before the Dyke car park. You will be given a number, pins and can view a start time list.

Club vests to be worn.

The clock starts at 6.30pm when first runner goes off then subsequently every 30 seconds with fastest based on Teo’s learned guess work goes last. This isn’t a handicap event but based on your own run time over the course as it also counts towards to A80 Super Series points.

Trophies to Man/Woman in Senior/O40 category for being first back. Can’t have both trophies, you choose.

Course: Follow the South Downs Way from start gate at Dyke to gate at bottom of Beeding Hill and return over same route to start gate at Dyke. No cutting across fields but stay within 5 metres of main SDW path.

We have fortunately got 2 members Colin Hannant and Marc Bonaldi who have volunteered to be at the bottom of Beeding Hill with water just in case you need a chance to get your breath before the vista of the summit beckons your return. They will also confirm to the Fit Controller Danny Cartledge anybody who doesn’t touch metal gate at bottom of Beeding Hill. No cups to be carried from water station as we need to make sure we leave as we find or better.

So water at Start/Finish and bottom of Beeding Hill, but if desperate the youth hostel you pass on the course has a water tap.

List of runners declared and stitched by Teo below, anyone else better let me know now.

Alan Silvester Andrew Bargery Andrew Clarke Anne Miners Anthony Snelling Brigitte Groves
Christine Gibbons Clare Aquilina Dani Tarleton David Gifford Emily Hutchinson Harrison (Guest)

Henry Miller Jackie Rymell Jenny Hughes Jim Watson Jon Bowditch Julie Drake

Juliet Fine Katherine O’Hara Marcus (Guest) Mark Halls Michael Barker Michael Miller

Peter Knee Richard Clayton Rick Clarke Soulla Wright Steve McNealy Sue Brumwell

Tara Shanahan Teo van Well Zac Knee.

Good luck one and all.