The club was formed in 1980 by Ron Grover who built a very successful Ladies team and sprint group. The club has gone from strength to strength and now caters for 200 runners which has been achieved through being very friendly and supportive. We have a mix of members with many racing regularly and others train just to keep fit in company. Our women’s section is particularly strong and have won National titles.
There is more to the club than just running and we have many social events during the year plus our own club running events. For further information either make use of the links or contact us via e-mail arena80ac@hotmail.co.uk we look forward to hearing from you.

Team Arena

Team Arena (some of)

2017 Sussex XC Relay Championships @ Goodwood: 
1st SW team champions (A): Maisie Trafford, Emily Proto, Julie Briggs

1st V35 W: Katherine O’Hara, Rebecca Knights, Dani Tarleton
1st V45 W: Jenny Hughes, Caroline Wood, Tara Shanahan
1st V55 W: Chris Naylor, Anne Miners, Jackie Rymell
2017 Barns Green HM: Female Team Champions Dani Tarleton, Katherine O’Hara, Soulla Wright 
2017 European Masters Athletics Championships, Denmark: 1500m Final:13th Joe Ashley
2017 Brighton Trailblazer 10k:1st SM Del Wallace, 1st SW Jackie Rymell 
2017 Worthing 10k, 1st SW Emily Proto
2017 South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay Race:
1st place: Ladies Team – 12 hrs 10 mins
Tara Shanahan, Caroline Hoyte, Emily Hutchinson, Dani Tarleton, Katherine O’Hara, Rachael Woolston

1st place: Mens B Team – 11 hrs 48 mins 20 secs
Jim Risdale, Steve McNealy, Jim Watson, Del Wallace, Kevin Meegan, Teo van Well

2017 Horsham 10k, 1st V45-49 Dan Vaughan, 1st V55-59 Jenny Hughes
2017 Seaford HM, 1st SW Emily Hutchinson
2017 Sussex Track and Field Championships:
1st Joe Ashley, W 1500m: 1st Julie Briggs, W 3000m: 1st Caroline Hoyte

2017 Burgess Hill 10K, 1st SW Maisie Trafford 
2017 Splashpoint Worthing 5k, 1st Team: Michael Barker, Del Wallace, Jim Risdale, Paul Arscott
2017 Brighton Marathon, 2nd SW Emily Proto 
2017 Sussex Road Relays 
V50 Women: 1st Arena A Team: Jenny Hughes, Nicki Yeates, Caroline Wood
V40 Women: 1st Arena A Team: Tara Shanahan, Dani Tarleton, Julie Briggs 
2017 Eastleigh 10k, 1st F45 Caroline Hoyte
2017 Surrey HM, 1st F40 Juliette Roberts, 1st F45 Vicki Clark  
2017 ESSLXC, 1st F50 Jenny Hughes
2017 Brighton HM, 2nd SW Emily Proto
2017 Sussex XC League Women, 1st F45 Julie Briggs
A Team finished 2nd in Division One
Veteran A Team finished 1st in Veterans League
2017 Sussex Masters XC Championships
O35 – 1st team – Dani Tarleton / Rebecca Knights / Juliette Roberts
O45 – 1st team – Caroline Hoyte / Tara Shanahan / Caroline Wood

2016 Rye 10k 1st V40 Dan Vaughan, 1st V55 Jenny Hughes
2016 Horsham 10k 1st WO55 Jenny Hughes, 3rd SM Al Silvester, Del Wallace, Dan Vaughan
2016 Hastings 5m 1st V40 Dan Vaughan
2016 Burgess Hill SM 1st Timmy Geddin, Richard Clayton. Al Silvester
2016 Haywards Heath 10m, 1st SW Team Emily Proto, Emily Hutchinson, Jenny Hughes
2016 Haywards Heath 10m, 2nd SW Emily Proto, 3rd SW Emily Hutchinson, 1st WO55 Jenny Hughes, 1st WO35 Isobel Muir
2016 Bluebell 10k, 1st Woman Tara Shanahan
2016 Sussex road relays, W40 1st Dani Tarleton, Katherine O’Hara, Tara Shanahan
2016 Sussex road relays, 2nd SW Team Emily Proto, Julie Briggs, Caroline Hoyte
2016 Hastings Half Marathon, Dan Vaughan 1st V40
2016 Eastbourne Half Marathon, Dan Vaughan 1st V40
2015/2016 East Sussex XC League Final Season, Positions 2015/16, 1st O55 Jenny Hughes

2015 Victory 10k, 1st Men’s V50 Andy Payne, 1st Women’s V50 Louise Payne
2015 Crowborough 10K, 1st V1 Dan Vaughan, 1st V2 Jim Watson
2015 Jog Shop 20, 1st V40 Andrew Bargery
2015 Hove Prom 10k, 1st Woman Emily Proto – new course record
2015 Firle Half Marathon, 1st Men’s Del Wallace
2015 Kings Head Canter, 1st Woman Emily Proto
2015 Trailblazer Brighton, 1st Woman Katherine O’Hara
2015 Regent Park 10k, 1st Woman Emily Proto
2015 Staplehurst 10k, 1st O40 Dan Vaughan
2015 SDW 100 miles Relay, Arena B Team 2nd
2015 Hastings 5 Miles SGP, 1st VM40 Dan Vaughan, 1st WV50 Caroline Wood
2015 3 Forts Half Marathon, 1st Woman Emily Hutchinson
2015 Sussex Road Relays, Women 1st O50, 2nd O40, 3rd Senior
2015 British Masters Athletic Federation Championships XC 6k, 1st O50 Caroline Wood
2015 Finchley 20 Miles, 1st Woman Emily Proto
2015 Lydd 20 Miles, 1st Men’s Team
2015 Sussex XC League Lancing, 1st FV55 Chris Naylor
2015 Sussex XC League Lancing, 1st Vets Team
2015 Deal Half Marathon, 1st Woman Kerry Scott
2015 Darkstar River Marathon 28.2m, 1st Paul Church
2015 Sussex Masters XC Champs Lancing, 1st V35 Team Women

2014 South of England Masters XC Champs Oxford, 1st O50 Team Women Arena 80
2014 Mince Pie 10, 1st Ladies Emily Hutchinson
2014 Crowborough 10K, 1st V60 Paul Gasson
2014 British & Irish Cross Country International Nottingham, 1st O45 Julie Briggs
2014 Rursee Marathon, Mats Gedin 1st overall
2014 Sussex XC League Goodwood, 1st Women’s Vet Team
2014 Jog Shop 20, 1st Vet Andrew Bargery, 2nd Vet Malcolm Roweth
2014 Givaudian Ashford 10k, 1st O60 Paul Gasson Southern Counties Champion
2014 Sussex XC Relays W45 Champions, Fiona Jamie, Caroline Wood & Julie Briggs
2014 Mid-Summer 5 Miles, 1st SF Emily Proto
2014 Seaford Half Marathon, 1st Men’s Dan Vaughan
2014 100 Mile Relay Results, 1st Men’s B Team
2014 3 Forts Half Marathon, 1st Men’s Alan Silvester
2014 Sussex AA Road Relay Champs, 1st Women O50 new course record
2014 Spitfire 20 Miles, 1st MV40 Dan Vaughan
2014 Worthing 20 Miles, 1st Sen Woman Emily Proto
2014 1st Sussex Male Finisher Brighton Marathon Mats Gedin
2014 O50 Sussex Road Relay Champions
2014 Sussex Senior XC Champions – Women
2014 Sussex Half Marathon Champion Emily Proto

2013 Sussex Senior XC Champions – Women
2013 Sussex Masters O45 Champions Women
2013 Sussex Road Relays Women 1st Senior, 1stO50, 2nd O40
2013 SEAA Champs Women Road Relays 1st VW Team
2013 Sussex XC Relay Champions Women
2013 Sussex Grand Prix Champion Isobel Muir
2013 Harvey Curtis Road Race Winner 1st Fiona Clark 2nd Emily Proto
2013 Sussex Grand Prix Vet Women 2nd Team