Another Arena club member hits the 250 parkrun milestone.

Like a bus, you don’t get one for ages then three come along at once. Hot on the heels of Nicky Yeates and Alan Garnham who reached their 250th parkrun a couple of weeks ago and so another Arena member has also now reached the giddy heights as well. 

We say congratulations to Rob Derkin who last weekend took to his home turf down there at Preston Park parkrun to record his milestone mark. Admiration to all of these three for putting themselves out there week after week for the last 5 years and some…

Looking at Rob’s PB times from 2013 at Preston Park parkrun well you have to give him credit for being Mr Consistent: 2013 – 20.41; 2014 – 21.05; 2015 – 20.39; 2016 – 20.24; 2017 – 20.29 so it’s fair to say that Rob has definitely not faded with the years of pounding out those Saturday morning’s. Congratulations Rob on a job well done.