Arena 80 offically confirmed as the Harvey Curtis Cup team champions for 2017

News just in from our ladies road racing captain Tara Shanahan

We’ve just had confirmation that Arena are the Harvey Curtis team winners of the Brighton 10k. Although we had already won the title its very satisfying to have scored 1st in all 6 races!

As Ladies Captain I have to point out that 85% of the scorers across the series were female. Although some people scored in multiple races its great to see so many different runners contributing.

Hats off to Caroline Hoyte, Dani Tarleton, Juliette Roberts, Katherine O’Hara, Soulla Wright, Emily Proto, Caroline Wood, Nicky Yeates, Emma Habba, Helen Moss, Rebecca Knights, Maisie Lilly, Laura Mckinnon-Clark, Helena Rooney, and myself, and for the men Richard Clayton, James Dicks, Del Wallace & Anthony Snelling. And of course to anybody who ran in any of the races preventing other clubs’ runners from scoring higher. We also have 5 runners in the top 10 overall Dani, Katherine, Soulla, & Juliette, and me. Congratulations to you all and spend your Run vouchers wisely! And in the masters we have 7 in the top 10 with Emma Habba & Nicky Yeates in addition to the 5 in the overall top 10. On top of all of that the Masters Champ was also Tara Shanahan.

A superb team effort from the club as champions in 2016 and now 2017, such an incredible achievement from everyone involved with the races over the year and how proud you should all feel being a part of this. What a way to top off of 2017.