Arena goes international.

Arena’s very own Alan Silvester is triumphant in the China Coast Half Marathon.
Al (The Shuffle) Silvester is currently touring around Asia and beyond with his wife but in-between the sight seeing and all the travelling, Al still manages to find time to fit a race or two in. Al is currently hanging out in China where he has just taken part in the  China Coast Half Marathon.
In his own words Al said:

“Hhhmmmm, what shall I have to drink? How’s about a cup of 2nd placed senior male in the China Coast Half Marathon! Mmmmmm tastes goooood.

Al taking the world by storm.

Al taking the world by storm.

One of the best Half Marathon races in my opinion. Fantastic scenery round hilly coastal roads in the Po Leung Kuk national park area in Hong Kong’s new territories. Bit windy up on the hills and the course is not a PB course but it’s incredibly beautiful (you’ll have to take my word for it as I didn’t have time to stop to take pics) and really well run by the Athletics Veterans of Hong Kong. Top work guys”.

Al finished in 5th place overall in a gun time of 1:22:49 which he was pretty happy with the way it all went. He is now focusing his attention on the Tokyo Marathon in 4 weeks time in which he is hoping a sub 3 attempt MAY be on the cards.

His wife also did very well and finished in 1:46 and a top 10 female finish. great work from both of them!

We must wish Al a massive good luck for his next race in Tokyo and we look forward to hearing some good news from it and how it all went.
Flying the flag for Arena internationally.