Chichester 10k 2018, Arena off and running and a new club record set

What a way to start the HCC 2018 campaign with some amazing results from our athletes plus a brand new men’s club record was set.

It was a dry, sunny but bitterly cold day with a fairly brisk wind blowing but this did not deter 28 of our guys from turning up to give it a crack. It was held down at Goodwood and to use a racing analogy, our Areneez certainly got off to a good start for this first HHC race and look to have taken pole position for the next race.

Individually there were some top performers that came through on the day. Firstly we congratulate Richard Clayton on a very impressive 10k race in 17th position in a time of 33.21, I’ll elaborate on this further on.

Maisie Trafford was another one who put in a fine performance and seems to be getting stronger with every race. Maisie came in as 6th placed lady with a time of 37.15.

Still showing top form which has spilled over from 2017 is Tara Shanahan who leads by example and never lets the side down. Tara’s time of 38.52 was plenty good enough to see her as 1st Sussex placed F40 and also making some noise was another of our captains leading by example was Dani Tarleton who took the bronze in the F40 category with a time of 39.47. Now these three ladies combined gave us an awesome trio with those results, so much so that they took home the SW team gold. Could you really ask for any more than that in a race, I think not.

Elsewhere in the results we congratulate Nicky Yeates as she took home 1st F60 with a time of 44.28 and taking some good scales out from some of the younger fraternity out there today, most impressive!

The stalwart that is Caroline Wood looks to have bagged the Sussex title as the 1st W50 in a time of 40.48. There are no half measures with Caroline as it really is all or nothing with her so very nicely done out there today.

Of course these are just a few highlights out of the race today. I know that there others within the Arena team that also had their own personal triumphs with new PB times and of course for the others turning out will have helped to maybe pushed a few of the other teams runners down the order list so for that we thank you immensely.

Just taking it back to Richard Clayton’s time of 33.21, this is particularly impressive for three reasons. Firstly this is Richards’s fastest 10k time since way back in 2006 when he was about 23 years old and was ranked 87th in the UK for that time, so it was a new PB time for Richard today. Another interesting fact to note is that Richard was once ranked 3rd in the UK in the U17 category for his mile time of 4.38.6 which he set back in 2001.

Secondly his time is now the fastest 10k for any Arena athlete ever. The previous 10k record holder was held by Caroline Hoyte with her time of 33.27 set way back in 2008, interestingly it was also at the Chichester 10k. It’s been a hell of record to beat for the men and has taken a decade to do it, so it really has been Richard’s day.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the time of 33.21 has finally pushed Richard to the top of the men’s 10k club records. I’m not sure that anyone else deserves this more as I have very often seen Richard hurtling along the Old Shoreham Road at 5.30am in the dark and cold as he gets in his training run before work, now that’s dedication to the cause. This wasn’t a case of if Richard ever gets to the top spot but more a case of when and slowly but surely Richard has been putting the time in and this showed with a superb 2017 season.

So it gives me great pleasure to show you the new 10k club record holder as Richard moves himself up from third place and now sits proudly at the top of the tree.

10K Men
1 Richard Clayton SM Chichester 2018 – 33m 21s
2 Al Silvester SM Phoenix 2016 – 33m 54s
3 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Newick 2010 – 33m 59s
4 Tim Gedin SM Brighton 2010 – 34m 09s
5 Mats Gedin O40 Brighton 2005 – 34m 13s

The full Chichester 10k Results can be found here: Chichester 10k Results

The next Harvey Curtis Cup road race is the Brighton Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 11th July – 7.30pm. This is an evening event and in the middle of summer and traditionally a very big Arena turn out. If you would like to book this event in to your running calendar then more details here: Phoenix 10k