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Cross country race 4 at Stamner Park – Saturday 10th February

Cross country race 4 at Stamner Park – Saturday 10th February    

Firstly a message from our ladies cross-country captain Dani Tarleton:
This is a final call for all Arena ladies! We need as many people out as possible for the last XC league race at Stanmer on Saturday (10th Feb) at 14.25pm.
Our senior team is currently joint first with Lewes so everything to run for. Our vet’s team has a strong lead but our vets B team is currently 3rd with same number of points as Crawley
All welcome and encouraged to give it a go. Please let me know if you are able to run (if you haven’t already). Thanks all Dani

It seems like every race at the moment is like a cup final for Arena. Having has such a tremendous start to the Harvey Curtis Cup campaign at Chichester on Sunday that we are now looking forward to this weekend’s final XC race of the 2017/18 season.

There is the senior women’s title to be decided where Arena’s Maisie Trafford is currently sitting in 2nd place on 4 pts by default of having raced 2 out of the 4 races. It’s the best 3 of the 4 races that the points count. See the top 3 places below:

Senior women                             R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Johanna Spannagl – HBS         1         3        1                   5
2 – Maisie Trafford – A80               2         2         –                   4
3 – Leah Harris – WDH                   3         5         –                   8

In the women’s O35’s there are still places to be played for as Katie Wright who has had a fantastic season in her first year of cross-country for the Arena women and currently holds 4th position after 3 races.

Katherine O’Hara who yet again has had a very solid season sits in 6th position after 2 races run so points still up for grabs and positions could still yet change. It was of course during one of the XC races last year in November that Katherine suffered a terrible pop in the arch of her foot which put her out of action for quite some time, but if my memory serves me right, Katherine came back even stronger to then represent GB at the European Duathlon in Spain and took the gold medal for her age group. Let’s hope there is more of that fighting spirit in her again this Saturday.

Vet’s women O35                         R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Alissa Ellis – HAI                         2          1        1                  4
2 – Jo Curran – HAI                          1          3        5                   8
3 – Susan Aldridge – CRA               3          6        2                  11
4 – Katie Wright – A80                     4          5        8                  17
5 – Siobhan Amer – HHH                5         –         7                  12
6 – Katherine O’Hara – A80             –          7        4                  11

In the women’s O45’s Arena really are calling all the shots here. The experience that our ladies have here is second to none and such strong, competitive and determined ladies that could move a juggernaut if they needed to. Such a force to be reckoned with and inspiring to the newer and younger members of our club. Again this is a category where some positions could change on the day and another cliff hanger to wait on.

Vet’s women O45                         R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Julie Briggs – A80                       1          –         1                  2
2 – Tara Shanahan – A80                2          2        4                  8
3 – Liz Lumber – HAI                       3          –         5                  11
4 – Caroline Wood – A80                4          3        7                  14

In the women’s O55’s, this is yet another category where so much could change with final positions still not guaranteed as we take this one to the last race of the season. Arena have 3 in the top 4 positions and I can bet you that all of our Arena women here will be giving it there all against their fellow athletes. The camaraderie will wait until its cake time in the ten but for now it’s all to run for and this could be one of the big races of the day where we wait to see the final outcome. All of these ladies are exceptional runners and have served Arena so well over the years and what an honour it is to see them still so competitive and racing for titles.

Vet’s women O55                      R1      R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Karin Divall – LEW                   1         3        2                   6
2 – Jenny Hughes – A80                2         3         –                   8
3 – Clare Aquilina – A80                3         2        1                  11
4 – Chris Naylor – A80                   5         –         3                  14

There is an incredible amount resting on this last cross-country race for the ladies as they currently sit level pegging with Lewes in the senior team section going in to this race in Division 1. Arena were just pipped last year but still took silver in 2017, so it would be lovely to just go one better this year and head home with team gold.

The senior women’s team title is going right down to the wire as Arena and Lewes battle it out once again. There really hasn’t been anything between these two teams all season and it is now set up for the Grand Finale on Saturday. It will need everyone on their game come Saturday and we can only wish our girls the very best out there. Please show them your full support and wish them well on our Arena FB page.

Senior women’s teams
Division 1                                     R1     R2     R3     R4    Total
Arena 80                                      50      83     72               205
Lewes                                           87      72     46              205
Chichester                                   45     104   119             268

Our Vet Women are once again in a very commanding position here and not surprising when I look at our team names here, so very very strong. Julie B, Tara, Dani, Katherine and Katie. Could it be yet more gold for these girls? The vet women ‘B’ Team are sitting in bronze position at the moment so a solid performance could consolidate this place to make it gold and bronze.

Vet’s women teams                   R1     R2     R3     R4    Total
Arena 80                                        10      15     10               35
Hailsham                                       13      25     27               65
Arena 80 ‘B’                                   53      46     30              129

Chichester 10k 2018, Arena off and running and a new club record set

What a way to start the HCC 2018 campaign with some amazing results from our athletes plus a brand new men’s club record was set.

It was a dry, sunny but bitterly cold day with a fairly brisk wind blowing but this did not deter 28 of our guys from turning up to give it a crack. It was held down at Goodwood and to use a racing analogy, our Areneez certainly got off to a good start for this first HHC race and look to have taken pole position for the next race.

Individually there were some top performers that came through on the day. Firstly we congratulate Richard Clayton on a very impressive 10k race in 17th position in a time of 33.21, I’ll elaborate on this further on.

Maisie Trafford was another one who put in a fine performance and seems to be getting stronger with every race. Maisie came in as 6th placed lady with a time of 37.15.

Still showing top form which has spilled over from 2017 is Tara Shanahan who leads by example and never lets the side down. Tara’s time of 38.52 was plenty good enough to see her as 1st Sussex placed F40 and also making some noise was another of our captains leading by example was Dani Tarleton who took the bronze in the F40 category with a time of 39.47. Now these three ladies combined gave us an awesome trio with those results, so much so that they took home the SW team gold. Could you really ask for any more than that in a race, I think not.

Elsewhere in the results we congratulate Nicky Yeates as she took home 1st F60 with a time of 44.28 and taking some good scales out from some of the younger fraternity out there today, most impressive!

The stalwart that is Caroline Wood looks to have bagged the Sussex title as the 1st W50 in a time of 40.48. There are no half measures with Caroline as it really is all or nothing with her so very nicely done out there today.

Of course these are just a few highlights out of the race today. I know that there others within the Arena team that also had their own personal triumphs with new PB times and of course for the others turning out will have helped to maybe pushed a few of the other teams runners down the order list so for that we thank you immensely.

Just taking it back to Richard Clayton’s time of 33.21, this is particularly impressive for three reasons. Firstly this is Richards’s fastest 10k time since way back in 2006 when he was about 23 years old and was ranked 87th in the UK for that time, so it was a new PB time for Richard today. Another interesting fact to note is that Richard was once ranked 3rd in the UK in the U17 category for his mile time of 4.38.6 which he set back in 2001.

Secondly his time is now the fastest 10k for any Arena athlete ever. The previous 10k record holder was held by Caroline Hoyte with her time of 33.27 set way back in 2008, interestingly it was also at the Chichester 10k. It’s been a hell of record to beat for the men and has taken a decade to do it, so it really has been Richard’s day.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the time of 33.21 has finally pushed Richard to the top of the men’s 10k club records. I’m not sure that anyone else deserves this more as I have very often seen Richard hurtling along the Old Shoreham Road at 5.30am in the dark and cold as he gets in his training run before work, now that’s dedication to the cause. This wasn’t a case of if Richard ever gets to the top spot but more a case of when and slowly but surely Richard has been putting the time in and this showed with a superb 2017 season.

So it gives me great pleasure to show you the new 10k club record holder as Richard moves himself up from third place and now sits proudly at the top of the tree.

10K Men
1 Richard Clayton SM Chichester 2018 – 33m 21s
2 Al Silvester SM Phoenix 2016 – 33m 54s
3 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Newick 2010 – 33m 59s
4 Tim Gedin SM Brighton 2010 – 34m 09s
5 Mats Gedin O40 Brighton 2005 – 34m 13s

The full Chichester 10k Results can be found here: Chichester 10k Results

The next Harvey Curtis Cup road race is the Brighton Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 11th July – 7.30pm. This is an evening event and in the middle of summer and traditionally a very big Arena turn out. If you would like to book this event in to your running calendar then more details here: Phoenix 10k

Arena join David Kemp in honour of Josie Kemp at Hove Park parkrun

What a most fitting tribute and an honour it was to run with David Kemp this morning to run parkrun in honour of his daughter Josie. Such a wonderful turn out with so much love shared. What was known as the Josie train certainly lived up to its name as it looked like all the carriages were full behind David. 

The Arena family came out in big numbers to support David Kemp on this run and although the weather was a little on the drab side, the warmth and the smiles shone through brightly for Josie.

Thank you David for letting Arena join you today and coming together to share this moment with you. R.I.P. Josie Kemp.

Chichester 10k inc Harvey Curtis Cup, Sunday 4th February

It’s nearly time to kick off our HCC season in which Arena are trying to complete a hat trick of the Harvey Curtis Cup team trophy. We are the reigning champions as well as the 2016 champions and our goal this year is to go for the triple crown.

The first of the HCC races is on Sunday 4th February over in Chichester for the Chi 10k race.

The weather is looking dry, sunny with temp at 3 degrees with a fair breeze to kick in so will be a very cool run.

First Arena man home last year was Al Silvester in 34.17.
First Arena Woman home last was Caroline Hoyte in 36.06.

The next Harvey Curtis Cup road race is the Brighton Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 11th July – 7.30pm. This is an evening event and in the middle of summer and traditionally a very big Arena turn out. If you would like to book this event in to your running calendar then more details here:

We would like to wish all of our athletes taking part the best of luck for tomorrow and let’s hope we can make some sort of impact for this first HCC race.

For information – Taken from the Chichester 10k website:
This is the 27th race in a series of 10k road races promoted annually by the Rotary Club of Chichester Priory.

The Chichester Priory 10k Race at Goodwood is a race over public roads for the first 6.0km finishing with a complete lap of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. The race will start at the entrance to the motor circuit in Claypit Lane, pass the Rolls Royce factory, along historic roman road, Stane Street, through Strettington and back along New Road entering the motor circuit at the main entrance on Claypit Lane and finishing on the Pits straight after a complete lap of the motor circuit. The country roads are undulating and all hard surfaced as is the complete lap of the motor circuit.

The race will be organised on the same basis as in previous years with race headquarters, car parking and facilities all within the motor circuit arena. This is a unique opportunity to race around the Goodwood countryside and the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

The views expressed in this post are those of the web administrator and not those of Arena 80 AC.

Tara Shanahan given the womens Masters title for the HCC 2017

Congratulations to Tara Shanahan who picked up her trophy at the Harvey Curtis Cup prize giving held at Falmer on Saturday 27th January. 

Tara was officially given the women’s Masters title where she picked up her trophy. How fitting it was to see our women’s road race captain picking up her award for her steller 2017 season where she showed her dominance over the 2017 season. No one deserved this more than Tara with all the hard work she has put in over the year and very much a big part of the points that went towards the Harvey Curtis Cup team trophy that Arena also picked up on the day.

A wonderful team captain, an inspiration to many of her peers, an asset to the club and a fine ambassador for Arena 80. 

A new club record for the men’s Worthing parkrun

There is a new club record that has been added to the Men’s Worthing parkrun records.

Now listen up you men, I think you need to sit up and take notice of this up and coming lad who goes by the name of Alex Jago. He may not be around at our Monday night training sessions but this lad is quietly doing the training business elsewhere and starting to look very good for it.

2017 saw Jago PB at every event from 600m up to 10k and clocking in some superb times with his 800m at 2.02.54 and his 10k time at 35.00, this lad has seen a superb rise with his times.

Alex took to Worthing on Saturday 20th January to take on the parkrun over there. The conditions were not particularly favourable for a PB run however Alex gave it a go and his 16.29 was good enough to take him to the top of the tree equal with another young pup by the name of James Dicks who has held top spot since 2016.

I’m sure had the weather been a little kinder then Alex may have sneaked under this time but still a great effort from him.

What’s more impressive about this run is that Alex was using this parkrun as part of a training run so would not have been going as fast as he could of. I feel there is lot of potential here and a lot more to come yet. This name could certainly be gracing some more of the club records before the year is out.

I believe this is the first time Alex Jago has featured in the men’s club records in some way but the men had better start taking notice after this run as this may not be the last we hear of him for 2018.

Congratulations Alex on a top performance and welcome to the wall of fame, I think you may be there for quite some time yet.

The new club records now look like this:
Worthing parkrun Men
1 James Dicks 2016 16m 29s
1 Alex Jago 2018 16m 29s
3 Al Silvester 2017 16m 37s
4 Joe Ashley 2017 16m 46s
5 Michael Barker 2017 17m 26s

James Dicks is showing top place by default as he set the record first and is in equal 1st place with Alex Jago.

All the club records can be found here: Club Records

The Sussex Masters XC Championships at Lancing, Saturday 20th January – Arena Gold Fest

The Sussex Masters XC Championships at Lancing, Saturday 20th January

It was very fitting that on Monday it was known nationally as Blue Monday and so it was on Saturday when Lancing became Blue Saturday.

It was typical winter weather with it being cold, wet and er very muddy, but that did not deter our intrepid ladies team and four of our men from venturing out to take on the elements and being so fearless out there in Lancing.

We are of course looking at the very best that Sussex has to offer for this masters event and it would be tremendous if any of our athletes took home a gold medal or two.

The conditions lived up to the winter XC season and if you saw any grass then you had probably gone to the wrong place for this my friends was Mud City at its best. Now I know a few people like those beauty spa days where you can get a mud pack on your face which brings the skin up beautifully but I didn’t expect anyone to try for a freebie here, but it would be rude to waste it I guess, so there were a couple of our athletes that thought they would take the plunge and take full advantage of it in the form of Craig Isaac and Paul Hebden, although I have to say, I’m not sure it really did the right job for them, anyway I digress.

What of our ladies I hear you ask, it’s lovely to report that the Arena Blue Saturday turned to Arena Gold Saturday.

From the very start Caroline Hoyte took command (see top photo) and there was surely only going to be one winner of this race . When Caroline puts that race face on you just know there ain’t no messin’ with this gal with no one else getting a look in. Let’s not take anything away from the two Hailsham girls behind Caroline as they did put up a good race but that only pushed Caroline harder and made her more determined which in the end brought her home as first lady overall in 27.30, this was almost a minute ahead of the 2nd place Hailsham lady, cracking run and still leading by example.

Arena also had no less than four athletes in the top 10 with Dani Tarleton home in 6th overall (29.04) who also took bronze in the W45.

Katherine O’Hara was 7th overall (29.17) and 4th place in the W35 with Rebecca Knights in 8th overall (29.18) and 5th in the W35. Some fine team work here from these three ladies as they stuck with each other and helped to push themselves along together to get the best out of themselves.

Now let’s drill the results down further for our ladies. Arena posted 4 in the top 10 better than any other club. Arena posted 7 in the top 20 better than any other club. Arena posted 9 in the top 30 better than any other club. Arena posted 11 in the top 40 better than any other club and Arena posted 13 in the top 50 better than any other club, now that’s a sold ladies team by anyone’s standards and you couldn’t ask for more or better from the team or could we?

With so much talent within the ladies team we hoped to come away with at least a medal or two so check this out:
Caroline Hoyte – 1st Individual / 1st F45
Dani Tarleton – 3rd F45
Clare Aquilina – 2nd F55

Katherine O’Hara – 1st F35 Team 
Rebecca Knights – 1st F35 Team
Juliette Roberts – 1st F35 Team

Caroline Hoyte – 1st F45 Team
Dani Tarleton – 1st F45 Team
Caroline Wood – 1st F45 Team

Clare Aquilina – 1st F55 Team
Nicky Yeates – 1st F55 Team
Anne Miners – 1st F55 Team

Tamar Coleman – 2nd F55 Team
Fiona Jamie – 2nd F55 Team
Brigitte Groves – 2nd F55 Team

Now with that much treasure to take home even Blackbeard is on his way to come and collect it. It really was a remarkable day considering the conditions out there and all of our ladies should be congratulated on a job very well done. I will also mention the other ladies that also took to Lancing as they deserve recognition as well, as they all bring something to the team morale and camaraderie: Tara Shanahan, Katie Wright, Jo Peckham, Isobel Muir, Cat Scott and Michele Saunders, such a strong team spirit amongst our ladies.

There were 18 ladies that braved it out there in Lancing and braved all the weather that could be thrown at them so ladies you have done yourselves and your club very proud, what a way to bring in 2018, we applaud you all.

Arena did take 4 men over so obviously we don’t have many VET’s at our club to be able to participate in this event 😉 We should commend Shawn Buck, Jim Watson, Paul Hebden and Craig Isaac for making the journey. From all accounts it was more like a Torvill and Dean dance due to the conditions so again big kudos to these guys for representing and getting out there.

There was plenty of cake on offer after the race and again thank you to all those that took the time out to make and bake and for making this such a top day out for those attending.

Congratulations to all of you that took home medals.

The next two big important races coming up for the club is the Harvey Curtis Race Chichester 10k on Sunday 4th February. We are the current team Champions of this trophy and looking for a third straight year of retaining this so if you are able to run then please book up:

After that is the very last XC league race at Stamner park on Saturday 10th February. The ladies team is in a very strong position to take 1st place but it will need your help if we are to hold on to this position.

The men are in 5th place and so it’s set to be one of our best places for many years so we need to consolidate this place and again Men we need your help to keep it there. Please let Dani Tarleton know if you are able to run for the women and Dan Vaughan know if you can run for the men.

Post written by admin and views expressed are those of admin only.

Key races for Arena 80 members for February

The Harvey Curtis Cup and 1st Super Series race of the year
Sunday 4th February – Chichester 10k
This is a key race for Arena 80 as we start our bid to retain the HCC team trophy for the 3rd year running. There are 6 races in this year’s HCC and we need to score our best 5 of 6. This also kicks starts the club’s Super Series challenge which incorporates all 6 of the HCC races so it’s a double whammy for our club members. Your support in these races will be and is much appreciated. 

Last cross-country race of the 2017/18 season
Saturday 10th February – Stamner Park, Brighton
Entries – on the day at a mere £5.00.
The last race of the XC season comes to a head here. The men are having a solid season in division 1 and looking to further consolidate their 5th position. The ladies are having another stellar XC season and going in to the last race in an excellent position. One last push here would possibly see us land a potential team gold. It’s been encouraging to see so many new members having a go this season and looks encouraging for next season now. If you are able to make this one then let your captain’s know PLUS it’s double cake day as well so let’s start the Arena year off with a high.

The first ever Arena parkrun series race
Saturday 17th February – Preston Park
A brand new club challenge for 2018 is the 6 x parkrun races headed up by Al Silvester. You’ve all seen the emails about this one and it’s a great opportunity to get our Arena athletes all in one place. Here is the first of the 6 races which is the age graded scoring race. As always a great showcase for the club.

The National Cross Country Championship
Saturday 24th February – Parliament Hill
Here is something a little different to the normal races around. This is a top opportunity for our club athletes to compete with other top class clubs and runners. There is a men’s and women’s race and we are looking for teams of 6 per team. Sam Bennett is our lead on this one so please contact him at: and the deadline for entries on this is Friday 12th January so not long to go I you wish to be entered. See post on website for more details. The club will pay the entry fee for this one however if you put your name and then don’t run the club will need to claim the fee back from you.

There are some nice races to get your teeth in to over the coming weeks so good luck to you all and thank you for your continued support in making Arena 80 such a great club.