Brighton Half Marathon Sunday 26th February, Arena out in numbers

The first of the big races in Brighton starts this Sunday.

The Arena train has a full load with as many as 40 (and counting) athletes taking part in this event this year. This, being a fairly flat course, normally lends itself to many of our athletes getting some pretty good times and many PB’s have also jumped on board the train as well.

Arena had 57 athletes turn out for the Brighton Half Marathon in 2016 and of those 57 there were 26 new PB’s which is some turn out and some top running to score so many PB’s

Arena have provided 20 plus marshals at the Peace Statue area and will have a great view of our athletes going outbound and inbound on their journey.

Runbrighton have provided the pacemakers for this event and Arena are proud that they have used 7 of the 10 pacers from Arena 80:
Emily Hutchinson: 1hr 30
Andy Waters: 1hr 45
Rick Evans & Stephen Whitehurst: 2 hr
Daz Avery: 2hr 15
Chris Arnold & Brigitte Groves: 2hr 30

It’s a wonderful thing that we, as a club, give back to our sport and so pleasing to see so many of our club members giving up their time both by helping or pacing at this event. 

Katherine OHara 1st Arena lady 2016.

We look forward to seeing the blue train leaving the station with a full load and showing Brighton what a fantastic club we belong to.

Good luck to everyone taking part and we wish you all a great race.

The first three Arena men home in 2016 were:
James ‘Dixie’ Dicks 1:16:25 – New PB
Gary Mckivett 1:16:37 – New PB
Richard Clayton 1:18:01 – New PB

The first three Arena women home in 2016 were:
Katherine O`Hara 1:26:45 – New PB
Dani Tarleton 1:27:17 – New PB
Emily Hutchinson 1:29:24

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