Cross country race 4 at Stamner Park – Saturday 10th February

Cross country race 4 at Stamner Park – Saturday 10th February    

Firstly a message from our ladies cross-country captain Dani Tarleton:
This is a final call for all Arena ladies! We need as many people out as possible for the last XC league race at Stanmer on Saturday (10th Feb) at 14.25pm.
Our senior team is currently joint first with Lewes so everything to run for. Our vet’s team has a strong lead but our vets B team is currently 3rd with same number of points as Crawley
All welcome and encouraged to give it a go. Please let me know if you are able to run (if you haven’t already). Thanks all Dani

It seems like every race at the moment is like a cup final for Arena. Having has such a tremendous start to the Harvey Curtis Cup campaign at Chichester on Sunday that we are now looking forward to this weekend’s final XC race of the 2017/18 season.

There is the senior women’s title to be decided where Arena’s Maisie Trafford is currently sitting in 2nd place on 4 pts by default of having raced 2 out of the 4 races. It’s the best 3 of the 4 races that the points count. See the top 3 places below:

Senior women                             R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Johanna Spannagl – HBS         1         3        1                   5
2 – Maisie Trafford – A80               2         2         –                   4
3 – Leah Harris – WDH                   3         5         –                   8

In the women’s O35’s there are still places to be played for as Katie Wright who has had a fantastic season in her first year of cross-country for the Arena women and currently holds 4th position after 3 races.

Katherine O’Hara who yet again has had a very solid season sits in 6th position after 2 races run so points still up for grabs and positions could still yet change. It was of course during one of the XC races last year in November that Katherine suffered a terrible pop in the arch of her foot which put her out of action for quite some time, but if my memory serves me right, Katherine came back even stronger to then represent GB at the European Duathlon in Spain and took the gold medal for her age group. Let’s hope there is more of that fighting spirit in her again this Saturday.

Vet’s women O35                         R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Alissa Ellis – HAI                         2          1        1                  4
2 – Jo Curran – HAI                          1          3        5                   8
3 – Susan Aldridge – CRA               3          6        2                  11
4 – Katie Wright – A80                     4          5        8                  17
5 – Siobhan Amer – HHH                5         –         7                  12
6 – Katherine O’Hara – A80             –          7        4                  11

In the women’s O45’s Arena really are calling all the shots here. The experience that our ladies have here is second to none and such strong, competitive and determined ladies that could move a juggernaut if they needed to. Such a force to be reckoned with and inspiring to the newer and younger members of our club. Again this is a category where some positions could change on the day and another cliff hanger to wait on.

Vet’s women O45                         R1       R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Julie Briggs – A80                       1          –         1                  2
2 – Tara Shanahan – A80                2          2        4                  8
3 – Liz Lumber – HAI                       3          –         5                  11
4 – Caroline Wood – A80                4          3        7                  14

In the women’s O55’s, this is yet another category where so much could change with final positions still not guaranteed as we take this one to the last race of the season. Arena have 3 in the top 4 positions and I can bet you that all of our Arena women here will be giving it there all against their fellow athletes. The camaraderie will wait until its cake time in the ten but for now it’s all to run for and this could be one of the big races of the day where we wait to see the final outcome. All of these ladies are exceptional runners and have served Arena so well over the years and what an honour it is to see them still so competitive and racing for titles.

Vet’s women O55                      R1      R2     R3      R4    Total
1 – Karin Divall – LEW                   1         3        2                   6
2 – Jenny Hughes – A80                2         3         –                   8
3 – Clare Aquilina – A80                3         2        1                  11
4 – Chris Naylor – A80                   5         –         3                  14

There is an incredible amount resting on this last cross-country race for the ladies as they currently sit level pegging with Lewes in the senior team section going in to this race in Division 1. Arena were just pipped last year but still took silver in 2017, so it would be lovely to just go one better this year and head home with team gold.

The senior women’s team title is going right down to the wire as Arena and Lewes battle it out once again. There really hasn’t been anything between these two teams all season and it is now set up for the Grand Finale on Saturday. It will need everyone on their game come Saturday and we can only wish our girls the very best out there. Please show them your full support and wish them well on our Arena FB page.

Senior women’s teams
Division 1                                     R1     R2     R3     R4    Total
Arena 80                                      50      83     72               205
Lewes                                           87      72     46              205
Chichester                                   45     104   119             268

Our Vet Women are once again in a very commanding position here and not surprising when I look at our team names here, so very very strong. Julie B, Tara, Dani, Katherine and Katie. Could it be yet more gold for these girls? The vet women ‘B’ Team are sitting in bronze position at the moment so a solid performance could consolidate this place to make it gold and bronze.

Vet’s women teams                   R1     R2     R3     R4    Total
Arena 80                                        10      15     10               35
Hailsham                                       13      25     27               65
Arena 80 ‘B’                                   53      46     30              129