Emily Proto goes sub 2.55 in the Florence Marathon.

We have to give a huge congratulations to Emily Proto who took on the Florence marathon on Sunday 26th November.

Emily has had some tough times over the last couple of years as she has had to cope with a broken leg at the Brighton marathon 2 years ago and then broke her foot during this summer. Many would have given up by this stage by Emily is made of sterner stuff and nothing was going to stop her this time round.

Emily has stuck to the task and eased her way back into her training schedule and has never doubted herself to achieving her goal.

She took to Florence in Italy, which, by normal average temperatures, should have ben perfect marathon running weather.  The weather gods though had different ideas and decided to make Emily work a bit harder for this one though and sent in the wind and the rain.

Needless to say that this would never stop her and her marathon goal as she ran round with her running buddy Phillip Stevenson.

Emily completed her marathon in 2.54.21 and was 9th female finisher which is quite simply an outstanding race and such a fantastic achievement for her.

On behalf of everyone at Arena 80 Emily we all send our biggest congratulations to you and proud to have you as a member of the club.