Get to Know…Emily Hutchinson

Emily Hutchinson never happier than running for cake.

For this week’s choice we have a lady who seems to have a permanent smile painted on her face when she is running. You will be hard pressed to find anyone else who is as happy as Emily out there whether it’s on a training run or in a race, and the harder the better for her. With her trademark colourful shots and bright pink socks, she is not hard to miss out there. A self confessed lover of all things cake and such a respectful athlete, she is a real joy to know and a great ambassador for Arena 80. Emily was chosen to pace the Brighton Half Marathon this year for the 1hr 30 group and a great job she did too, coming home in …. So lets meet the biggest smile on the running scene and find out what makes Emily Hutchinson tick.

1. When and why did you join Arena:
I Joined Arena in September 2014 (I Think!) after coming to Brighton for Uni! I popped over to a track session and everyone just seemed so friendly that I knew I wanted to belong to the club.

2. How long have you been running:
I started properly running in 2011/2012 to lose a large amount of weight id put on after being in hospital for a few months. I remember just jogging up my road feeling so hard! Luckily I’m so stubborn that I stuck at it until I could run a half marathon happily and then i just kept going!

3. Where did you grow up:
Thats a tricky one. My dads in the RAF so I’ve lived all over the place! I was born in Germany and I’ve lived in Wales, Scotland, different parts of England, Texas, Cyprus and currently my non-uni home is Virginia just outside Washington DC!

4. What’s the first thing you notice about somebody:
How they treat other people! I think being kind, polite and friendly to everyone is so important. I’ll also notice the kind of running shoes someone is wearing- I’m a shoe geek!

5. Apart from running what else do you do with your free time:
It’s a safe bet that if im not running, working or writing my dissertation for Uni that you will find me somewhere in Brighton eating cake! I also like to drag my boyfriend to quirky pop-up or immersive theatre events in London like Secret Cinema!

6. What’s the one song that gets you up out of your seat:
I love the song ‘Worry’ by Little Comets, it always makes me do a little dance! Though after looking at my Itunes most played song the honest answer must by Easy Lover by Phil Collins (Oh dear!).

7. Tell me about something you would happily do again:
When I was younger and my family lived in Texas we went on an the road trip of a lifetime around the west coast of America. I would love to go and do it again now im older and can really appreciate everything we did. I remember having a massive temper tantrum at having to get up really early and watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Now id jump at the chance!

8. What’s your favourite race: 
Thats easy, the Beachy Head Marathon! I am so in love with that race! It’s so challenging but equally its so beautiful! I make it a personal mission each year to get atleast a few friends to sign up so that can see why I go on and on about how great it is! I conveniently don’t tell them how hard the last 10km is….they can find that out for themselves once its too late! *evil laugh*.

9. Who is your sporting hero:
I don’t like the term ‘hero’ but the the two athletes that influence me the most are Mark Hutchinson (my dad!) and my boyfriend James. My Dad is an amazing runner/cyclist who trains so hard and meticulously. He smashes guys half his age at races and he is particularly lethal at the half ironman distance in triathlon!  James is an incredible swimmer/triathlete and watching him race is always inspiring. I’ve never met someone so determined and driven! He’s also got alot of race bling to show for it along with some Army Swimming and Triathlon titles!

10. What would be your perfect evening out:
I really love quiet and quirky cocktail bars. My place favourite in Brighton is the Plotting Parlour in Kemptown. So my perfect evening out would probably just be cocktails there then head to the Mesmerist or Casablancas for some dancing!

11. What’s the best thing about living in Brighton:
There are so many things I love about living here! The way weirdness is just accepted, the seafront at sunset, the south downs being so close, the list is endless! I did have a moment the other night as I ran through the lanes past a man playing the harp in the middle of the street surrounded by candles. It was so lovely that it just made me so happy to be here. I’ll miss Brighton when I leave!

12. What are you most looking forward to in 2017:
Graduating and hopefully finding a job that I enjoy! Im pretty nervous about this year as its alot of big changes happening at once but its also exciting!

13. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go:
Cuba! For the beaches, mojitos and dancing!

14. What was the first song you ever purchased (be truthful):
It must have been something by the Spice Girls!

15. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
If you had asked me when I was much younger “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would have said “police dog”. Luckily my career aspirations have changed!
I also love to write and have previously won essay competitions and have had poetry published!

16. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose to be:
Right now I’d like to be in Yorkshire so I can see both my brother whose studying for a masters in Sheffield and my boyfriend whose up there for work. I wouldnt mind popping home to give my dog a cuddle aswell!

17. What has been your biggest achievement in your life so far:
One of my greatest achievements so far is teaching myself to swim properly. I entered the Ironman in 2013 having not swum since I was little and I couldn’t even do half a length in the pool without flailing around uselessly! Slowly but surely teaching myself front crawl technique and breathing using YouTube videos was so hard but so rewarding! Especially worth it as the only time I’ve beaten my Dad in a race was an open water sea swim in Cyprus!

18. What gives you a high:
Running and racing! My favourite non-running high comes from just laughing with my brothers when we are all together at home. My two brothers Matt, 21 and James, 17 are the two funniest and cleverest people on planet (In my totally unbiased opinion!).

19. Is there anything that you are scared of:
I have an incredibly irrational fear of Catfish (don’t ask!) and being in the middle of large crowds.

20. What is the greatest moment in history during your lifetime:
I have to say I think that one of the greatest moments has got to have been the recent women’s marches. The powerful message of unity and defiance that was conveyed through the many protests around the world was so strong and inspiring!

Our biggest thanks to Emily for her Q&A’s this week and we hope that you feel that you have now got to know Emily a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.