Get to Know…Paul Arscott

And all because the lady loves milk tray.

And all because the lady loves milk tray.

For this week’s choice we have the man who does like his sport. If he’s not running or playing golf then you can find him coaching sport. Surely one of the nicest guys in town and always a smile and a laugh with everyone he meets. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr Paul Arscott.

Name: Paul Arscott

1. When and why did you join Arena:
Joined May 2013. I felt I needed to challenge myself as was starting to feel a bit stale running on my own. Arena had a reputation for being a friendly and sociable club. I have not been disappointed!

2. How long have you been running:
I was a county middle distance runner as a teenager and then took it up again for the Brighton marathon in 2011

3. Where did you grow up:

4. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go:
New Zealand is on my to do list

5. What else do you do with your time:
I run a boys football team Hove Park Colts which takes up a lot of my time at weekends. I’m involved in a few businesses. I try to get out to play golf once a week. Also I love chilling in my hot tub!

6. If your friends had to describe you in 3 words, what would they choose:
He’s not right!

7. What is your favourite website:

8. What is your all-time favourite film: 
Toss up between The Sound of Music and Shawshank!

9. Who is your sporting hero:
Seve Ballesteros!

10. What was your favourite toy as a kid:
Atari was amazing

11. Are you scared of anything:
ill health

12. When did you last go ‘wow’ at something:
I have the odd “wow” moment when running on the downs on a lovely day. You just can`t beat it!

13. Tell us about something you would happily do again:
Marry my wife!

14. If you could have 3 people (dead or alive) for dinner who would you choose:
My 2 grandads who died before I was born and my father in law who passed away last year

15. What’s something we don’t know about you:
I am a retired solicitor and spent much of my time in prisons, police cells and criminal courts

16. What’s the one thing you can’t live without:

17. Have you ever been on a lads holiday and if so what was it like: 
I went on a stag week many years ago with our very own Marc Bonaldi. There were about 40 of us and what happened at the airport made national news!

18. Have you got something that you just can’t bring yourself to throw away:
It`s weird but I seem to have a connection with old running shoes!

19. What were you like at school:
My school memories are full of humour with never ending outrageous stories

20. What is your one weakness:
Same as Dan Cartledge – Sweets!

Our biggest thanks to Paul for his Q&A’s this week and we hope that you have now got to know Paul a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.