Harvey Curtis Sussex Road Race Challenge. Arena doing well.

With the completion of the Phoenix 10k on Wednesday 12th June and the second race in the six race challenge, the results have now been confirmed. It’s looking extremely healthy for the Arena women and the club at this time .

After two races, the Arena women hold 8 of the top 12 places which includes 4 of our ladies holding the top 4 places with Tara Shanahan leading the way. It could be possible that the Arena women could take some further places in the top 12 as some of our other athletes come through during this season.

In the women’s Masters table, again the Arena ladies dominate the table by holding, all bar 4th place, all of the top 7 places with Tara Shanahan also leading the way here.

It’s always tough to score in the men’s section but Arena show in the top 10 with Al Silvester holding his own in 8th place.

In the men’s Masters, the old war-horse Dan Vaughan takes his place in 11th having done one race.

What does this mean in terms of team placings? After the two races Arena can proudly sit on top of the table with 2 pts ahead of 2nd place Lewes 4pts and 3rd place Horsham 10pts.

The next HC race is the kings Head Canter 5k on Monday 28th August. We would encourage as many of our club members as possible to turn out for this to help to give us a chance of maintaining our present position.

2017 Series Standings (after 2/6) – Team  Total
Position / team / race points / total points
1st – Arena 80 AC;                1    1      2
2nd – Lewes AC;                   2    2      4
3rd – Horsham Joggers;      4    6     10
4th – Haywards Heath;       8    3     11
5th – Hailsham Harriers;   10    7    17
6th – Eastbourne Rovers;   9    9     18

For all the results and tables click here: http://sussexrrc.co.uk/series-standings/

The rules of the Harvey Curtis cup:
1. Top 40 Sussex AA-affiliated men and women to score (i.e. once all non-Sussex-affiliated and unattached runners are discounted); first Sussex finisher scores one point, second scores two, and so on.
2. Best 3 of 6 events to count.
3. In the event of a points tie at the end of the series, the final position is determined by count-back, comparing the head-to-head record.
4. In team event, each team’s top six finishers – in men’s or women’s category – to score (i.e. best possible score is 12 points: 1st man + 1st woman + 2nd man + 2nd woman + 3rd man + 3rd woman); each team’s best 5 of 6 events to count.
5. Masters athletes: a separate standings table for athletes aged over 40 will be extrapolated from the results, based on the same scoring system detailed above, with final positions based on best 3 from 5 races.
6. For the final race (Race 6), competing Sussex runners who cannot qualify for an overall HC-SRRC position (by completing at least three races) will be discounted from the individual contest — so as to avoid unfairly influencing the outcomes among qualifying competitors.

Tara Shanahan showing great form at the Phoenix 10k