Joining Arena 80

Arena 80 AC is a UKA, England Athletics & Sussex Athletics Affiliated Club
Just think of the benefits you will enjoy, when you sign up to Arena 80 Athletic Club.

      • Membership is only £15 a year & 2nd claim £7.50, plus £14 if you wish to be individually affiliated to England Athletics.
      • Receive advice and help with your training from qualified Coaches and other club members.
      • Compete in team events.
      • Be part of a well organised and friendly running club.
      • Numerous social events held during the year with fellow runners.
      • Club Super Series to encourage all to take part.
      • Opportunity to run with other members of similar standard.
      • We are unable to take U16’s.

If you are thinking of joining then you will need to attend one of our Induction sessions in the first instance held each month, due to us being near capacity there is currently a 2 month waiting list for induction. The induction will allow us to discuss with you information on the club, types of sessions and general information. These induction sessions take place monthly on a Monday at Withdean Athletic Stadium (fee charged by club if running), meet at 6.15pm. If you think you would like to attend then please email me with the following details:

  1. An up to date race time for 5k/10k
  2. Current running experience
  3. Current club if any
  4. Why you want to become a member.

Please contact me here.

Look forward to seeing you.

Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes
Membership Secretary