Maisie Trafford breaks course record at Lewes 10k.

At the WSFRL Lewes 10k, Maisie Trafford had a terrific day by hitting a treble. Maisie managed a 10k PB, the first lady home and a new course record, not bad for someone coming back from a spell out due to a slight injury. I did ask the question if there was a race plan that went with this race.

Here are the stats: Her new PB time is 39.55 with her previous Best being 41:18.
The previous course record time was: 40:00 by Sue Fry.

This was her first ever 10k race and first race off-road on multi terrain so she was relatively nervous as she doesn’t often train off-road. In terms of having a race plan, she went into the event hoping for a potential top 3 placing having looked at a couple of results the night before but this was more of a hope than a guarantee as she hadn’t broken 41 minutes before.

 Maisie had no idea what was going to happen, especially after having four weeks off of running and only swimming, cycling and cross training to keep her stamina and endurance up to scratch. 

At the beginning of the race she had ensured that she was at least at the very front and on the inside so she could let those faster than her take over.  Once she hit mile 1-2, Maisie got her self comfortable (as you do in a 10k race) and maintained her pace around the 6:10/6:20 mark. Maisie had no idea of the route so it was an incredibly risky tactic for her. Once she hit the incline at mile 4, she was a little worried as she hadn’t raced up a hill before and really had no idea how to attack this. All she thought she could do was to attack it head on and try to power through it and let her leg speed take the downhill.

So was there a race plan? “Definitely not” said Maisie, “I went into the race clueless of what was to come, particularly the cow’s I managed to run away from!”.

Congratulations Maisie Trafford on a job well done. Also a big well done to all of our Arena athletes that turned out for this WSFRL race and helped to chalk points up on the board, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The next WSFRL race is the Portslade Hedgehoppers 5 miler race on Sunday 7th May at 11am. For entry details please speak to either Michele Saunders or Brigitte Groves.