Make mine a double!

Two men walk into a race
one man said to the other “do you fancy a quick one?”
the other man said “let’s make it a double”

…and there lies the morel of this story.

It’s a massive shout out to the two men of Arena who not only turned up but turned it on at the Paddock Wood Half Marathon at the weekend. Both Al Silvester and James Dix took it up a notch to both record PB’s at this event but the best part of this is the club records have now been moved on.

Al Silvester has held joint 2nd place with the long standing record of Bill Mulholland set back in 1986 and it seemed it was never going to move on. Al has been running particularly well recently and it paid off at Paddock Wood. He was paced all the way by Dixie to record his new PB time of 1.14.05 and to move him clear into 2nd place on the men’s HM club records.

James Dix also took a large slice of the pie as he came home with his new PB time of 1.14.27 and catapulted his way into the club records into 3rd place and as the old saying goes ‘you wait ages for one and then two come along at once’.

We should also mention Dan Vaughan who also ran at this event. Dan has been in exceptional form recently and proving himself adapt at all distances. It was another fine run from the big D with a time of 1.17.46 which was only 13 seconds away from his PB time. Dan is setting himself well for the marathon.

Congratulations to both Al Silvester and James Dix on their new hall of fame and it’s another step closer to john Schaab.

The new look HM men’s club records now look like this:

Half Marathon Men
1 John Schaab SM ? 1989 1h 09m 24s
2 Al Silvester SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 05s
3 James Dicks SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 27s
4 Bill Mulholland O40 Barns Green 1986 1h 15m 00s
5 Richard Clayton SM Worthing 2017 1h 15m 58s