Men’s half marathon club records get a bashing.

It seems that never a week goes by where we don’t hear of Arena athletes breaking new ground with PBs but this week we had a treat with an assault on the club Half Marathon records.

It was Half Marathon weekend for many at Arena 80 but for two of our athletes it was particularly inspiring as they took on their respective HMs, looking for personal best times which, if they achieved them, would put them into the Arena men’s club records as an added bonus.

The men’s Half Marathon records have been difficult to break over the years and they have been long standing. In fact the last time an Arena athlete managed to break into the top five was back in 2015 when Al Silvester charged in to third place. We’ve been waiting for a while for some others to come through and change it up and, like buses, two come along at once with both Richard Clayton and James Dicks managing to pull it off.

James Dixie Dicks

James Dicks took on Wokingham and in 44th place also bagged a new PB in 1.15.54 which put him into the club records in 4th spot.

Richard Clayton

Richard Clayton took on Worthing and came home in 9th place with his new PB time of 1.15.58 which was enough to put him into 5th spot on the club records.

With so much hard work having been done over the winter training period by many of our club athletes, it should make for a very interesting Brighton Half Marathon this year and who’s to say that the records won’t be pushed further again.

Congratulations to both Richard and James and welcome to the Arena records.

The new men’s HM club records now look like this:
Half Marathon Men
1 John Schaab SM ? 1989 1h 09m 24s

2 Bill Mulholland O40 Barns Green 1986 1h 15m 00s
3 Al Silvester SM Maidenhead 2015 1h 15s 00s
4 James Dicks SM Wokingham 2017 1h 15m 54s
5 Richard Clayton SM Worthing 2017 1h 15m 58s

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