New improvements to the parkrun club records 06.08.2017

Due to events going on in Brighton this weekend, it meant there was no Hove Prom or Preston Park parkruns this weekend which gave members a chance to try alternative parkruns which they wouldn’t normally venture out to.

Firstly over to Worthing where it proved fruitful for our guys. There were 5 first timers, 2 new PB’s, 2 new improvements to the women’s parkrun club records, a new entry into the women’s age grading records, 1 improvement to the men’s records and a new record for the men’s age grading for this course.

Well done to Del Wallace, Paul Gasson, Tara Shanahan, Rebecca Knights and Stephen Knott for their first time here.

Congratulations to Dan Vaughan who is the first of today’s PB’s. Dan Came home in 18.18 beating his previous best of 18.19 set in May this year.

Next is the ever improving Lorraine Hale who takes another barrier down as she goes under the 23 minute mark. Her new PB time of 22.51 eclipses her previous best of 23.41 set in March this year so definitely showing some decent improvement and the training is paying off.

On to the club records:
The run saw James Dicks as 3rd overall in 16.39 and just 10s off his previous best. The women faired extremely well taking 1s t Tara, 3rd Rebecca, 5th Jenny and 6th Isobel.

It’s Tara Shanahan and Rebecca Knights that tale the glory though as they both now become a part of the Worthing parkrun Women’s club records. Tara fires herself into 2nd place with her time of 19.07 and Rebecca Knights follows suit to go 3rd in the table with her time of 19.44. Tara also outs herself into the age grading records in 3rd place with her age grading set at 84.74% so a great day for Tara.

In the men’s section we say well done to Del Wallace who had a cracking run with his time of 17.35 to take his place in the hall of fame and take the 5th place in the men’s table.

Paul Gasson who is the man who just keeps on giving to the age grading records, marks yet another top spot with his time of 20.24 which in terms of age grading gives him a 80.72% grading and now tops the table here. Paul now holds the top position for age grading at Hove Prom, Bevendean, Preston Park and 2nd at Brighton & Hove and just proves that age is just a number #inspiring.  

Here are the new club records:

Worthing parkrun Women 
1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
2 Tara Shanahan 2017 19m 07s
3 Rebecca Knights 2017 19m 44s
4 Caroline Wood 2016 19m 59s
5 Isobel Muir 2017 20m 57s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 87.16%
2 Jenny Hughes – 85.18%
3 Tara Shanahan – 84.74%
Emily Proto – 83.85%
5 Louise Payne – 80.60%

On to Bevendean Down parkrun and this also proved to be just as successful with 3 new PB’s and a new entry into the age grading records.

The ladies took 1st,2nd and 3rd  places in the form of Caroline wood 22.36, Jackie Rymell 23.55 and Georgia Steers 24.56. Jackie Rymell’s time was a new PB beating her previous best of 24.24 set in august 2016.

Georgia Steers also took a new PB for this course and beat her previous best of 25.59 set in March 2016.

Mark Brocklehurst completes the hat trick at Bevendean with his new PB time of 28.21 beating his previous best of 29.07 set just two weeks ago.

Jackie Rymell’s time is enough to move her one place in the table to 4th place and she makes it a double by also entering the age grading club records in 4th spot with her age grading  being 73.73% so huge congrats to Jackie.

The women’s club records for Bevendean now look like this:

Bevendean Down parkrun Women
1 Tara Shanahan 2017 21m 12s
2 Katherine O’Hara 2016 21m 24s
3 Caroline Wood 2016 21m 35s
4 Jackie Rymell 2017 23m 55s
5 Nicky Yeates 2017 24m 19s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 80.08%
2 Nicky Yeates – 78.68%
3 Tara Shanahan – 76.42%
4 Jackie Rymell – 73.73%
5 Katherine O’Hara – 72.43%

A huge congratulations to all of the above on some fine running and to all our other athletes that took part in the various parkruns this weekend.

You can find all the club records here: