Mats Gedin An Overseas Member Of A80 Reports

Those of you that know Mats may be interested in his current exploits and plans to spice up the last A80 super series race.

“I have unfortunately not been in touch, nor reported so many results lately, but I am running and as least as good as before.

On Sunday I was the overall winner in a very tough and hilly marathon called Rursee-marathon in Germany and was on the first page on most local papers here, which feels quite good. (especially when being in the V50 cat).


I have not reported any other specific results, but been in top 10 on several occasions running 10k’s up to half marathons, in the last few months.

My intension is to run the park run in December (last of super series 2014) and see most of you guys again. So , see you soon!”

Great to hear from Mats and his continued high level of achievement and hopefully meet up with him near the end of December in the Super Series in Hove Park.