Plumpton XC Mudfest

They told me it would be muddy, they weren’t lying! My second outing for Arena’s XC team was at the legendary Plumpton course. Famed for its mud, the heavy rain from Friday and Saturday morning ensured that mud lovers wouldn’t be disappointed.

As we set off on the first lap towards the farmyard, the stench of cow shit was pretty heady, with the course continuing through some unavoidable deep, muddy puddles, around the edge of 2 soggy, muddy fields before heading back to the start, to be repeated once for the ladies and another 2 times for the men. The course was so muddy that I reckon if they’d put in a cargo net, some monkey bars and some dangling electric wires, they would have had coach loads of Londoners queuing up to pay 50 quid to boast about achieving immortal, total warrior status all over facebook! As it was it was just the usual ‘proper’ club runners with an impressive turn out of 15 finishers for Arena men & 7 for Arena ladies. The ladies’ team were missing our 4 speediest ladies from Goodwood so we were grateful for Emma Rollings stepping in (the mud) and finishing an impressive 5th overall, 1st O35 and 1st home for Arena ladies. (We were also grateful to Emma for her delicious raspberry and white chocolate cake!) Myself and Claire Aquilina came in 2nd and 3rd for Arena which was enough to keep the vets’ team at the top of the first division. Some solid performances from the men in the middle of the field moved the B team up a place to 6th in the second division. So another good day’s cross country running was had by all (apart from Danny, who fell over in the mud and gave up!). Oh and did I mention that it was a bit muddy?