Stubbington Green 10k

Date: Sun 18th January 2015
Cost: £13
Race capacity: 2000 (1662 finishers)
Distance from Brighton & Hove – 54 miles (c.1hr drive). Plenty of free parking within a 5 min walk of Race HQ & start line

What is it about “Greens” punching above their weight in the running race world? A village of 15,000 hosting a 2,000 capacity race on a cold Sunday in January – amazing. Not quite as impressive as Barns Green (pop 1000, race capacity 1500…) but even so.

Stubbington is between Portsmouth and Southampton. Easy to get to despite the distance from B&H. A scenic, fairly flat, single loop route. All quiet country roads (decent surfaces) including a kilometre or so along the Solent which might have taken my breath away had I had any left in my lungs. Traffic-free apart from one (well-marshalled) stretch towards the end. Even the weather was good – mild(ish), dry and no wind. Potentially a PB course if you’re in great shape. I wasn’t. In theory excellent sprint finish potential too. Maybe next year…

… I set off at a pace I hoped I could sustain and just about managed it – 19:26 first 5k, 19:45 second 5k for a finishing time of 39:11. Chip timing (not bad for £13 entry…), so no stress despite a fairly congested start. I came 166th, with the male winner doing it in 30.35 and the female winner in 35:08. Thirty runners went sub-35mins and over 200 did sub-40mins, so a good quality field.

If you’re looking for a well-organised, quick-ish 10k race in January, and you don’t mind the drive, then definitely one to look at for 2016. The only mild irritation was that I had to pick up my race number beforehand (8:00-9:30am) for a 10am start. No goody bag – just a banana and bottle of water – perfect.

Dan Vaughan, 19/01/15