IMPORTANT – The 9th Super Series Race, July 27th 6.30pm – A80 Hill Running

Thursday 27th July is the next Super Series race.

There will be no Thursday Hove Park session on this day.

We move on from the super series race at the Phoenix 10k where we had 53 known Arena 80 runners participating. The next race is the Hill Run (338metres) from Devils Dyke to the bottom of Beeding Hill and back 13.6km. This year it takes place on Thursday 27th July evening with the first runner leaving at 6.30pm. Runners leave 30 seconds apart so this is not a handicap race as such, just your overall race time counting for the Super Series and Hill Run Champs. There will be a ladies and men’s trophy as well as a seniors and O40’s.

There is a volunteer with water at the bottom of Beeding Hill which is the return point of the race.

Please contact Danny Cartledge if you wish to participate by email 

This was a trial race last year but it was so well received that we have put it back on the list. Surely there is no better place to run than over the Downs on a Thursday evening.

 It was a very misty run last year.