The Harvey Curtis Cup races 2018 have now been confirmed so over to you guys.

The Harvey Curtis Cup races have now been confirmed for 2018.

As the reigning champions of this trophy for 2016 and 2017 wouldn’t it be fantastic to make it a hat trick in 2018. We know that the other clubs in Sussex will now be looking at us and making a serious challenge for it this year and to become the best team in Sussex, a name that they would like to take away from us.

What we are asking from our athletes for this year is that when you are looking at what races to do for 2018, that you may consider any/some/all of the below races to give us a chance to retain the trophy. There are only 6 races in the HCC this year and they vary from the 5k at the Kings Head Canter up to the Barns Green half marathon so a really nice mixture of distances.

As well as our athletes aiming to come in to the top finishing places, we will also need your help by participating in the races to help to try and push other club athletes further down the pecking order to try and stop those scoring points.

As a thriving club with a big membership, we hope that our athletes will take on some of these races and to use your competitive spirit, determination, endurance, focus, energy and most of all, your pride in our club to help us stay at the top where we belong. 

These races are a show case for Arena 80 AC and there is always a great turn out for us to all get together and to just see the wall of blue vests going around the course is quite spectacular. Have a look at the races below and see/book what races you can. Let’s do this for our club and our Coach Bob Page, who has put so much time and effort in to you all and has put us where we are today. 

Now of course all of these races form part of our club’s Super Series challenge this year so there is another incentive to sign up for these and join in. For those newer members that are not familiar with our Super Series races then click on the following link although the races for 2018 are still to be confirmed however the rules of the competition are on there: Super Series Races 

And the winners of the Harvey Curtis Cup road race challenge for 2018 is…… Wouldn’t it be nice to fill in the gap with Arena 80 AC once again.

The rules for the team event are:
In the team event, each team’s top six finishers – in men’s or women’s category – to score (i.e. best possible score is 12 points: 1st man + 1st woman + 2nd man + 2nd woman + 3rd man + 3rd woman); each team’s best 5 of 6 events to count. 

Click here for all the news and rules on the HCC: Harvey Curtis Cup website

Click on the links below for further details about each race:

Race 1: Chichester Priory 10k (inc. Sussex 10k Championships)Sunday, February 4th

Race 2: Brighton Phoenix 10kWednesday, July 11th

Race 3: Kings Head Canter 5kBank Holiday Monday, August 27th

Race 4: Barns Green Half Marathon (inc. Sussex HM Championships)Sunday, September 30th

Race 5: Bright10Sunday, October 7th

Race 6: Brighton 10k Sunday, November 18th

Arena taking the shield in 2016.