The new Arena parkrun series kicks off Saturday 17th Feb at Preston Park parkrun

As we approach the brand new and exciting club parkrun series 2018 directed by Al Silvester, of which we are most grateful to for taking it on, we thought that this would be the right time to now add the Peacehaven parkrun records to the club records.

It’s really refreshing to see some new names added to the club records and a wonderful opportunity to see themselves added to the Arena wall of fame.

For the men David Gifford holds prime position with his 19.03 while Jim Watson holds the age grading top spot with his 74.48%

For the women Caroline Wood makes a welcome return to pole position with her time of 21.02 and Caroline Wood also holds the age grading top spot with 83.34%

The parkrun series doesn’t hit this neck of the woods until October so these guys can still bask in their new-found glory for some time yet, unless of course you guys have different ideas between now and then.

If its points you are looking for during this year’s series then I feel Peacehaven is the place to possibly pick up bonus points for some of you.

The newly added Peacehaven records are set out below along with all the top records for the men and women for each parkrun. There really are some top records in there and it will take something very special to break some of these times and grading’s but, no matter what, there is always an Arena out there who will not take no for an answer and will give it a damned good go.

Just as an interesting stat to look at here: the oldest parkrun club record was set by Caroline Hoyte way back in 2009 at the Hove Park parkrun. Did you know that when Caroline set this record in 2009 this was ranked as the 4th fastest parkrun women in the country in 2009. Since then this time is now ranked as the 43rd fastest parkrun women in the UK of all time according to the Runbritain rankings. 

All the top parkrun results for each parkrun are shown below.

The parkrun series kicks of this weekend at Preston Park parkrun on Saturday 17th February at 9am. Arena colours should be worn if possible but not obligatory.

For the full details of the parkrun series 2018:

Arena Club Parkrun Records
Peacehaven parkrun
1 David Gifford 2017 19m 03s
2 Jim Watson 2017 19m 06s
3 Ricky Coleman 2017 19m 48s
4 Rob Derkin 2017 2017 21m 12s
5 John Thompson 2017 21m 28s

Age grading
1 Jim Watson – 74.48%
John Thompson – 71.58%
Rob Derkin – 71.31%
David Gifford – 68.85%
5 Trevor Day – 68.71%

1 Caroline Wood 2017 21m 02s
2 Jenny Hughes 2017 22m 55s
3 Joanne Marshall 2017 23m 03s
4 Angelina Smy 2017 23m 14s
5 Georgia Steers 2017 23m 40s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 83.84%
2 Jenny Hughes – 80.07%
3 Brigitte Groves – 65.00%
4 Helen Block – 64.37%
5 Angelina Smy – 64.35%

Brighton & Hove parkrun
1 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 25s

Age grading
1 Charlton Rudwick – 85.46%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2009 16m 43s

Age grading
1 Caroline Hoyte – 90.63%

Preston Park parkrun
1 Alan Silvester 2016 16m 34s
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.90%

1 Caroline Hoyte 2017 17m 42s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor- 91.10%

Hove Promenade parkrun
1 Richard Clayton 2017 16m 22s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s

Age grading
1 Chris Naylor – 90.92%

Bevendean Down parkrun
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 72.43%

1 Tara Shanahan 2017 21m 12s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 81.20%

Worthing parkrun
1 James Dicks 2016 16m 29s
Age grading
1 Joe Ashley – 80.82%

1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 88.76%

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The class of 2017 at Preston Park parkrun