What a day at the Sussex Road Relays – Saturday 1st April

What a magnificent day it was for Arena 80 at Christ’s Hospital for the annual Sussex road relays hosted by Phoenix AC for the first time with chipped batons.

There were a record 220 teams that entered this year, which included all age groups, and the weather helped to play its part as well. We were also joined by an Olympian finalist, Charlie Grice,  who was running third leg for Phoenix and a real pleasure to see him on cruise speed making his way around the pathway. It’s not everyday you get the chance to see an Olympian at these events.

But what about the Areneez who made the trip up to Horsham? 28 ladies turned out and they fielded 10 teams for this event, which I believe is a record amount. We are so very proud to say that the ladies took home the bounty again. They came home with the team V40 Gold & Bronze & V50 Gold. There were some great individual performances from all standards, including V40 fastest lap to Julie Briggs and second fastest went to Dani Tarleton. Caroline Wood also took home the V50 individual silver.

The men took 18 along for this event and it was never going to be an easy task with the calibre that was on show here. There were some fantastic performances from our men and we are pleased to announce, that for the first time EVER, our senior men placed in the top 10 which is an outstanding achievement for Arena 80.

We can safely say that It was a very successful day all round and the ladies also came up trumps with cake afterwards which they gracefully shard with the men. So many great friendships are made at these events and it was lovely to see so many of the Areneez using this as a social event as well with so many friendships being built along the way.

Thank you to Tara Shanahan, Mark Stephenson and Steve McNealy for all the hard work and effort in putting this event together for the Arena Club. It is and was very much appreciated by all, as you will have seen by many of the photos shared on Facebook.

The best photograph of the day came from Bob Page who caught Jon Bowditch and Joe Ashley in perfect running synchronisation. Now this is a potential winning entry in our Arena photo competition. They couldn’t have done this if they had tried to, just brilliant.

For those that missed this the it’s worth noting this one in your diary’s for next. year.