Three men went to mow…but came back with new club records

Arena parkrun records change yet again.
As we like to have a look at how the training is coming on for our athletes by checking in on the local parkrun time trials so let’s see who made the grade this weekend.
Hove Park
First man home for Arena was Kevin Meegan in 19.22. His PB time for this course was set in December 2017 at 18.37.
First lady home for Arena and second lady overall was Lucy May-Richardson in 20.00. Her PB time for this course is 19.26 set in October 2017.
Preston Park
First man home for Arena was Andy Clark with a new PB time of 19.32. This is his fastest time here since January 2014 when he checked in at 20.04 which was the closest he has ever come to going sub 20. We are very happy to now say “welcome to the sub 20 club Andy”. You have finally nailed it; onwards ad upwards as this could now be your year.
First lady home for Arena was Nicky Yeates in 21.36. This is Nicky’s fastest time here since March 2017 when she posted her PB time of 21.27.
Another PB time here today which went to Rob Fay. Rob’s new time of 23.03 was his best time since his very first run at this course in June 2017 when he posted time of 23.38.
I should also like to mention Phil Gregory who also scored a new PB here last week with a new PB time of 20.25.
Hove Prom
First man home for Arena came from TJ Derangi with 19.08. TJ has had 9 PB’s here in the last 12 months and his PB time is set 18.46 set in April of this year.
First lady home for Arena came from Jo Peckham with a time of 21.33. This is Jo’s 9th consecutive 21m+ in a row so there is no doubting her consistency.
There is a new PB for Joel Epstein who takes home a PB time of 21.14 beating his previous best of 21.27 set in December 2017.
Ooh so close for Helen Block and she almost dipped under the 22 minute barrier as she got a new PB time of 22.00 dead. Her previous best of 22.05 was set way back in December 2016 so was obviously inspired by the arena parkrun series held here a couple of weeks ago when she produced a time of 22.21 which was her fastest time here since February 2017. Helen you have now raised your bar.
Arena’s sole representative came from, the always impressive, Emily proto. Emily came home as first lady in a time of 17.51 which is her fastest time at this course since December 2016 when she clocked in at 17.39. This was also her first sub 18 here since December 2016.
Bevendean Down
And we save you the best until last. There were three new PB’s, two club record improvements and one new club record set here. We had three of our men representing here.
The first PB and first arena man home was Henry Miller in a new PB time of 18.52. This was his fastest time here since June 2017 when he clocked in at 19.32. This run comes with a double whammy in the club records. His time of 18.52 puts him in 4th spot in the time records and with an age grading result of 71.55% this puts him in 4th spot on the age grading records as well. It’s quite outstanding when he is still classed as a junior. He has 242 parkruns under his belt which is a lot of parkruns given his age.
The second PB comes from Teo Van Well who really has found some very good form recently. His new PB time of 19.15 places Teo in 5th place in the men’s course records. This was Teo’s fastest time here since July 2017 which stood at 20.02 so he has made great progression over the last 10 months.
Our third PB comes from Dan Vaughan who, after taking on Worthing last week and entering the age grading records in 2nd place there, decided to go one better this week by going top of the leader board in the age-grading records for this course. His new PB time of 19.21 gave him an age-grading of 73.32% to knock Mr Paul Gasson from pole position. Dan’s previous best was 20.13 set in July 2017.
The men’s new club records now look like this:
Bevendean Down parkrun Men
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s
2 Anthony Snelling 2017 18m 45s
3 Al Silvester 2016 18m 46s
4 Henry Miller 2018 18m 52s
5 Teo Van Well 2018 19m 15s

Age grading
1 Dan Vaughan – 73.82%
2 Paul Gasson – 72.43%
3 Jim Watson – 71.81%
4 Henry Miller – 71.55%
5 Timmy Gedin – 71.27%
You can find all the club records here:
Congratulations to all of our new PB parkrun heroes and well done to all of our other athletes that turned out to support their local parkruns.
Just a quick reminder that this Monday night’s training session starts at the earlier time due to a committee meeting. The warm up will begin at 6.20pm and the session will start at 6.30pm.