2021 July Arenatopia Round 4 – Results 

Arenatopia Round 4 – Results

Results are now in for the latest round of the Arenatopia series. This round returning to the classic 5k distance but also to see how you all fared a year on (ish) since all this virtual malarkey all began.

Top honours for the men in both the time and age grade improvement rankings goes to Bob Page, with a near 15min gain on last year which is the equivalent of roughly 25% age grade improvement – clearly those 4am gym visits are really working – we are fully expectant of a last minute call up to Tokyo!

Marc Bonaldi and Ricky Coleman share the remaining podium places in both categories.

For the women Isobel Muir had the greatest improvement of nearly 3 minutes, with Jenny Hughes not far behind with an improvement of nearly 2 minutes. They also share the top 2 spots for the age grading positions but swap positions. Lorraine Hale was 3rd to improve of both categories.

Overall for the round, no surprise that Bob (2), Ricky (5) and Marc (5) also sit pretty on the podium too.

Similarly, Jenny (3) and Isobel (3) share the top spot with Lorraine not far behind (6).

For the overall series, this round made some interesting changes to the table with positions swapping all over the place for the men and the women.

Ricky jumped from 4th to now hold 1st place; Del Wallace has slipped one place to 2nd with Andrew Bargery now up to 3rd having previously been in 5th.

For the women Caroline Wood still holds 1st place but with Jenny jumping from 4th to 2nd the gap has lessened. Despite the fastest time of 19.15 from Dani Tarleton, she slips to 3rd to complete the podium spots.

A final note on the round for the eagle eyed among you, those where I had to use their parkrun age grade percentage would have had an itsy bitsy teeny weeny advantage over others as parkrun calculates age grade on your actual age, whereas I use the oldest age in your age category – I really can’t do much about this, I have come to terms with it and moved on – ah well.

The series takes a break for the summer with the 5th round, and the start of the “Autumn surge” picking back up in September – sunny running all

All the usual tables attached for you to enjoy!

TRIS xxx