Monday Track Times & Usage – Changes

Amended Member Track Booking and Usage Procedure From Monday 19th July 

This Affects You So Please Read

Following a committee meeting and feedback from several members the following changes are being made due to amended Covid Guidelines and Freedom Leisure guidance.

Arena 80 have exclusive use to the track on a Monday from 6.15 to 7.45 and this will continue. All booking will continue via the on-line booking system that is currently in use, no cash on the night. Everybody using our exclusive session slot must pay whether Freedom Leisure or not. A check will be made each week from the booking system extract to ensure compliance. However, we are going to have 2 different time slots for you to book in on.

The first one is from 6.15 to 6.45 which is an open un-coached session for Arena members only who want to do their own thing, bookings close at 5.15 for this. The other is from 6.45 to 7.45 for our fixed group endurance coached session, bookings close at 5.45 for this.

It is down to those doing the Open session to check directly with any others also booked in to prevent clashes for safety reasons.

Any member who wishes to do the 6.45 fixed session can still enter at 6.15 but must use lanes 6 to 8 if they want to warm up, those doing the early open session will use 1-4.

At 6.45 the Open session will stop and they vacate the track for the fixed endurance session to begin, no overlap will occur. Any member who has paid for the Open session can join the fixed endurance session without further charge.

Fixed Endurance Coached Session 

Warm up begins 6.45 at track Start/Finish area.

We will be keeping ability groups with distinct start points post warm up, it is down to you to decide which group to go in.

Roughly groups will be sub 20min 5k (start point 300), 20min-23min 5k (start point 100), 23min plus (start/finish line).

We will also stop the divisible by 400 reps so static recovery may not be at your start point, this will provide greater flexibility to sessions.

There will be a mass warm up at 6.45, not in groups anymore.

Booking System Reminder 

It is better for you if you purchase a block of tickets as you can cancel and get it added back to your allocation if for any reason you can’t make it. With a single purchase you can’t do this. Any member resigning and who has tickets left will be re-funded.


Via same gate as currently, this is being checked as Withdean may change.

Track & Trace 

Below received from Freedom Leisure

……clubs will still be required to conduct test and trace procedures as per current methods and send them to us as soon as you have the records available for 21 days holding. This aspect has not yet changed.   …..ensure you continue to maintain positive healthy behaviours in the North Stand….. 

 The changing rooms will remain closed as we currently don’t have the cleaning capability on human resources front for the regular cleaning that would be required to open them and the showers but the toilets outside remain open.  


We may have to amend sessions for earlier starts to fixed sessions due to football matches at stadium, committee meetings or club track races (one being planned for August) but will notify in advance and will minimise as much as possible.

We hope you embrace these modifications and the introduction of the open Arena 80 session.

Monday Night Coach 

The coach on the night has responsibility so anything you can’t resolve please take issues to them directly and the Withdean duty manager is available to assist them.

This is new to the coaches as well so please be sensible and respectful at all times as we all want a relaxed, safe and happy running environment.


All of above will be reviewed after 4 weeks but hopefully only tweaks needed.

All the best for a fast healthy summer

Arena 80 Committee