Club Together – Wellness

Dear club members,

Well done to all of those running, helping or just offering words of encouragement at our local races this weekend. Although I may have managed my slowest Brighton half since the black and white days when we used to plough along the cliff tops in the mud it was extremely joyful to be able to take part in the event again.
The past 18 months or so have been challenging on many levels but please don’t forget that for some the difficulties continue. I know from experience that coming out of lockdown can be almost as daunting as the start of the pandemic. Suddenly everyone is getting back to ‘normal’ and those extra efforts that people made to connect have long gone.
This is just to remind you all that as during lockdown, the club is here for you. Please do reach out to each other, check in with your club mates and maybe make time to go for a run/walk/coffee or a five-minute chat on the phone.  Above all, if you feel life is consuming you, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.
Take the very best of care everyone.
Kind regards
Arena 80 Club Welfare Officer.