Arenatopia Virtual Series – 6th round – The Medley

As promised, the autumn quickfire commences with a scoring bonanza with multiple ways of racking up points.
This round is a little more on the complicated side so make sure to pay close attention.
Round 6 will be a medley of 3 random distances making up 10,000m in total.
Each must be run and recorded as separate runs. By all means do them all on the same day but this is not essential just as long as each separate distance is run and they are completed and submitted within this round’s two week period.
The 3 distances are:

  • 670m
  • 1,780m
  • 7,550m

As with the other rounds points will be based on the fastest times (men and women) as well as age grading (men and women) up to a maximum of 25.
Additional points deductions can be gained for the top 3 times/ age grades (men and women) each receiving -1 regardless of position in the top 3.
Non participants will receive a default score of 75 points.
Entries are now open and will close for submitting entries at 23.59 on Wednesday 27 October.
Whilst we are in a state of transmission, please email your efforts directly to me on
 Please only email once you have completed all 3 of the efforts otherwise I will get lost in the admin!
Have fun, stay safe, you know the rest…