Get to Know…Sue Brumwell

Mother and son are doing well.

For this week’s choice we have a mother to three children, and in that I include her husband Michael. You will often find Sue hanging out with Mary Poppins (Anne Miners) and you will definitely find her at Hove Park parkrun on Saturday mornings. An absolutely lovely lady to know so If you haven’t said hello yet then do so next time you make the acquaintance. Sue is very much Mrs Consistent in her races and can pace a race extremely well so again worth tagging onto if you are around her. So please put your hands together and let’s meet the lovely Sue Brumwell.
Name: Sue Brumwell
1. When and why did you join Arena:
About 10 years ago. I was out on a run on the Downs and I ran past (the only time I did) Claire Aquilina and she invited me to join.
2. How long have you been running:
14 years. I started running when Scarlett was 6 months old.
3. Where did you grow up:
Romford, Essex until I was 5 years old, then Scotland until I was 14.
4. What do the last five words of the last text sent to you say:
Has the cage arrived yet? From Henry – for his soon to arrive tree frogs!
5. What types of holidays do you prefer:
All sorts but probably most self-indulgent are Neilson sailing/activity holidays in the sunshine.
6. How long does it take you to get ready to go out:
15 minutes. Extra time doesn’t seem to help.
7. What would your epitaph say:
“I’m too busy”.
8. What’s your favourite kind of drink:
Cup of tea.
9. What makes you bored:
The M25.
10. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up:
Cups of tea/chocolate equally tricky.
11. What were you like a school:
Shy and swotty.
12. What is your one weakness:
Worrying about everything and everyone!
13. Who was you first celebrity crush pop star and film star:
David Essex.
14. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 72, and find line 9, what does it say:
“associate it with hygge; gummy bears, liquorice and flodeboller”.
15. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
At primary school I was known as “Clarence” (the cross-eyed lion) on account of me having to wear glasses and a patch over one eye for my squint.
16. Who is your sporting hero:
Mo Farrah.
17. What one thing do you like to do the most:
My Tuesday morning long runs on the Downs at 7 am with Anne. Good for the soul!
18. Apart from running what else do you like to do in your free time:
Love low-key venues like the Brunswick in Hove for music and Brighton New Venture Theatre.
19. Last gig you went to:
Jessie J and the Vamps at Hickstead (went as group of mums to supervise our teenage daughters).
20. Have you ever baked a cake, who for and was it a success:
20 years ago. For Michael’s 40th. We were mid Pacific Ocean on our little boat. It was all lop-sided due to the rolling of the boat.
Our biggest thanks to Sue for her Q&A’s this week and we hope that you feel that you have now got to know Sue a little better. Check back next Wednesday for another set of Q&A’s with our chosen club member.