How have our club records changed in 1 year?

As another year has passed by I thought it would be good to look at the club records for 2017 and see how they have changed since January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017.
Some races will have had slight changes as the races will be all about seconds being taken off and others may have new names making their way in as our athletes strive to push themselves to gain new PB’s. There are some categories which will stay very stagnant, this could be to the fact that we had internationals running for the club in year’s gone by and the times will be out of reach for many of our athletes. Arena have had some exceptional athletes over the year’s and these times may well stay with us for a few more year’s yet. None the less as we look at the club records, you will see that there have been many changes this year and it’s always good to see the records being broken as our athletes push on for excellence.
Looking at the tables and the new records, it is only right that the two people who have had the biggest impact on the club records this year are also our two Super Series champions in the form of Richard Clayton and Tara Shanahan. Coincidence? Not at all, these two athletes have excelled this year and have been right on top of their running game and so it’s proved with Richard featuring 4 times and Tara featuring 6 times. Well done to you both on par excellence and for raising the bar for others now to chase.
Richard Clayton                                     Tara Shanahan

The tables show who the new entries are and who have made improvements to their positions or times already attained in the club records. So without further ado let’s have a look.
5K Men
1 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Kings Head Canter 2013 16m 14s
2 Richard Clayton SM Kings Head Canter 2017 16m 21s – Improvement
3 Joe Ashley SM Hove Park 2016 16m 25s
4 Al Silvester SM Hove Park 2016 16m 27s
5 Jim Roberts SM Hove Park TT 2008 16m 29s
The Men’s 5k times continue to be pushed and the last 2 years has seen a significant change in the records. This year Richard Clayton pushed himself up the table by 2 places with an improvement to his time by 7 seconds.
5K Women
1 Caroline Hoyte O35 Hyde Park 2010 16m 26s
2 Fiona Clark SW Birmingham 2008 16m 58s
3 Julie Briggs O35 Hove Park TT 2008 17m 31s
4 Sophie Coleman SW Hyde Park 2007 17m 43s
5 Emily Proto SW Hove Park TT 2014 17m 44s
No change
10K Men
1 Al Silvester SM Phoenix 10K 2016 33m 54s
2 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Newick 10K 2010 33m 59s
3 Richard Clayton SM Phoenix 10K 2017 34m 00s – Improvement
4 Tim Gedin SM Brighton 2010 34m 09s
5 Mats Gedin O40 Brighton 2005 34m 13s
It was that man again Richard Clayton, who has had a fantastic year, who made a 22 second improvement to his time and moving up from his 5th place to 3rd in the table.
10K Women
1 Caroline Hoyte O35 Chichester 2008 33m 27s
2 Lynn Williams SW Brooks 1998 34m 28s
3 Fiona Clark SW Brighton 2009 34m 44s
4 Julie Briggs O35 Chichester 2011 35m 57s
5 Emily Proto SW Hove Prom 2015 36m 32s
No change
10 Miles Men
1 Al Silvester SM Bright10 2016 57m 21s
2 Gary McKivett SM Oldbury10 2016 57m 40s
3 James Dicks SM Bright10 2017 58m 42sNew Entry
4 Luan Huynh SM Bright10 2015 59m 01s
5 Joe Ashley SM Bright10 2015 59m 17s
The 10 miler table has had a resurgence over the last two years probably due to other 10 mile races now available to race. Bright10 seems to be the place to make the grade here and this year it was James Dicks who was a new entry in at 3 with his 58.42 and now takes his place in the hall of fame.
10 Miles Women
1 Caroline Hoyte SW Sandiacre 1998 56m 40s
2 Fiona Clark SW Portsmouth 2009 58m 12s
3 Emily Proto SW Bright10 2015 59m 35s
4 Tracy Owen SW Hailsham 1994 61m 11s
5 Vicki Clark V40 Portsmouth 2010 63m 13s
No change
Half Marathon Men
1 John Schaab SM ? 1989 1h 09m 24s
2 Al Silvester SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 05s – Improvement
3 James Dicks SM Paddock Wood 2017 1h 14m 27s – New Entry

4 Bill Mulholland O40 Barns Green 1986 1h 15m 00s
5 Richard Clayton SM Worthing 2017 1h 15m 58s – New Entry
The Men’s half marathon has seen a major overhaul this year with 2 new entries and 1 improvement. Al Silvester had a very impressive HM this year and moves up 1 place with his new time of 1.14.05 an improvement of 55 seconds on his previous best. A new entry in at 3 comes James Dicks who also had a very impressive run at Paddock Wood HM following Al Silvester round and got a new PB time of 1.14.27. It’s that man Richard Clayton who makes his debut in to the top 5 and looks like the man for all race occasions as he takes 5th spot place with his 1.15.58 set at Worthing.
Half Marathon Women
1 Fiona Clark SW Bath 2010 1h 15m 50s
2 Caroline Hoyte O35 Hastings 2009 1h 16m 57s
3 Eva Isaacs O35 Stockholm 1990 1h 18m 34s
4 Emily Proto SW Cardiff 2015 1h 18m 43s
5 Dianna Hepplewhite SW ? 1992 1h 19m 57s
No change
Marathon Men
1 Jan Swenson SM London 1989 2h 17m 17s
2 Gary McKivett SM London 2016 2h 36m 41s
3 Bob Shannon O40 London 1999 2h 37m 27s
4 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Amsterdam 2012 2h 37m 36s
5 Mats Gedin O40 London 2006 2h 37m 49s
No change
Marathon Women
1 Eva Isaacs O35 Berlin 1986 2h 42m 23s
2 Fiona Clark SW Florence 2010 2h 48m 25s
3 Jane Gardner O35 ? 1993 2h 51m 42s
4 Lesley Barratt SW ? 1985 2h 52m 00s
5 Julie Briggs O35 London 2005 2h 52m 45s
No change
Parkrun Records
Brighton & Hove parkrun Men
1 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 25s
2 Al Silvester 2016 16m 27s
3 Jim Roberts 2008 16m 29s
4 Timmy Gedin 2011 16m 32s
5 Richard Clayton 2016 16m 38s
No change
Age grading
1 Charlton Rudwick – 85.46%
2 Paul Gasson – 84.14%
3 Joe Ashley – 81.68%
4 Paul Arscott 81.66%New Entry
5 Dan Vaughan – 80.89%
A new entry from Paul Arscott as he enters the age grading table at No 4 with his 81.66%. There is something to be said for getting slightly older/
Brighton & Hove parkrun Women
1 Caroline Hoyte 2009 16m 43s
2 Julie Briggs 2008 17m 31s
3 Emily Proto 2014 17m 44s
4 Tara Shanahan 2017 18m 22s Improvement
5 Louise Vallier 2011 18m 23s
Tara Shanahan has had a superb running year and features strongly in this year’s parkrun records with the first of them coming at Brighton & Hove as she made an improvement of 9 seconds and moves up 1 place on the table. If I remember rightly she did this on her birthday and also a special milestone parkrun so a nice birthday present to herself.
Age grading
1 Caroline Hoyte – 90.63%
2 Chris Naylor – 90.36%
3 Louise Vallier – 88.20%
3 Tara Shanahan – 88.20% New Entry
5 Julie Briggs – 87.73%
Tara again shows here as a new entry in at 3 which tied in with her 18.22 run. She features here with her 88.20% age grading and is in equal 3rd place with Louise Vallier.
Preston Park parkrun Men
1 Alan Silvester 2016 16m 34s
2 Timmy Gedin 2016 16m 35s
3 Richard Clayton 2016 16m 45s
4 Joe Ashley 2016 16m 53s
5 James ‘Dixie’ Dicks 2016 16m 55s
No change
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.90%
2 Paul Arscott – 80.35% – New Entry
3 Marc Steene – 80.24% – Improvement

4 Alan Silvester – 80.08%
5 Dan Vaughan – 80.06% – New Entry
Preston Park has had a big change-up in the age grading table with 2 new entries and one improvement. A new entry in at 2 is Paul Arscott who seems to have done well this year with his age grading of 80.35%. Marc Steene makes a slight improvement of 0.75% to hold on to 3rd spot. Dan Vaughan is the other new entry as he takes 5th spot with 80.06%.
Preston Park parkrun Women
1 Caroline Hoyte 2017 17m 42s – New Entry
2 Emily Proto 2014 17m 53s
3 Julie Briggs 2014 18m 01s
4 Maisie Trafford 2017 18m 43s – New Entry
5 Tara Shanahan 2017 19m 03s – Improvement

It seems as if Preston Park was the place to be to make the club records with the women having some of the action too. There are 2 new entries and one improvement in terms of the times. The ever youthful Caroline Hoyte comes flying in to pole position with a masterful run in a time of 17.42. The new kid on the block in 2017 was Maisie Trafford who, in only her 2nd run for the club, took Preston Park on and came away with 4th spot in the table with her time of 18.43. Tara again showing her speed as she improves her previous time by 16 seconds to secure the 5th spot with her 19.03.
Age grading
1 Chris Naylor- 91.10%Improvement
2 Caroline Hoyte – 90.58% – New Entry
3 Julie Briggs – 89.16%
4 Nicky Yeates – 87.96% – New Entry
5 Caroline Wood – 87.78%
In the Preston Park age grading table we have one improvement and 2 new entries. Queen once sung ‘don’t stop me now’ which seems to be Chris Naylor’s anthem as she just keeps on pushing that age grading result upwards as she improved her grading by a 1.69% and breaks through the 91% barrier to now stand at 91.10%.
A new entry in at 2 is Caroline Hoyte, which ties in with her race time, as she breaks in to the 90’s with her age grading of 90.58%. Nicky Yeates is the other new entry in at 4 and continues to impress as she has done throughout 2017 and brings her age grading to 87.96%.
Did you know that 5 Arena ladies now feature in the best top 10 age grading league results.
Hove Promenade parkrun Men
1 Richard Clayton 2017 16m 22s – Improvement
2 Timmy Gedin 2016 16m 28s
3 Luan Huynh 2016 16m 29s
4 Al Silvester 2016 16m 34s
5 Anthony Snelling 2016 17m 11s

The Hove Prom has one improvement to the table and yes it’s that man Richard Clayton who makes the improvement. He moves up 4 places to top spot with his time of 16.22 taking 38 seconds off this previous best here.
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.10%
2 Dan Vaughan – 82.38% – Improvement
3 Kevin Lowe – 80.17%
4 Andy Payne – 80.14%
5 Al Silvester – 80.08%
One improvement here as Dan Vaughan keeps hold of his 2nd place with a big improvement of 2.38% with this new grading being 82.38%.
Hove Promenade parkrun Women
1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s
2 Caroline Hoyte 2015 17m 59s
3 Emily Hutchinson 2016 18m 31s  – Improvement
4 Maisie Trafford 2017 18m 47s – New Entry

5 Dani Tarleton 2016 18m 50s
The women’s table has a slight makeover as well with one new entry and one new improvement. Emily ‘smiley’ Hutchinson moves up one place to number 3 with an improvement of 27 seconds taking her new time to 18.31. The new entry coming from the new kid Maisie Trafford who also made her mark on the Hove Prom with her time of 18.47 to secure 4th place.
Age grading
1 Chris Naylor – 90.92%
2 Caroline Hoyte – 88.32%
3 Caroline Wood – 87.67%
4 Tara Shanahan – 85.49% New Entry
5 Nicky Yeates – 84.46%
It seems to be that every race Tara took on turned to gold so maybe I’ll be asking for the lottery numbers from her next time I see her. In the age grading for this event then again Tara was your girl who makes her debut here at number 4 with her 85.49% grading. 
Bevendean Down parkrun Men
1 Timmy Gedin 2016 18m 06s
2 Anthony Snelling 2017 18m 45s – New Entry
3 Al Silvester 2016 18m 46s
4 Jon Bowditch 2017 19m 20s – New Entry
5 Henry Miller 2017 19m 30s – New Entry

Bevendean Down is fairly new to the club records so there was always going to be some movement with the club records here. Really nice to see 3 new names in their and deservedly so. All 3 of these men have had a super year with Anthony Snelling runner-up in the Super Series challenge, Jon Bowditch winner of the lowest points accumulated in the Super Series challenge and Henry who, is still young in terms of our running club, has also featured very highly n many of our club races this year. The men made 3 new entries with the first of them coming in at 2 with Anthony Snelling moving the time to 18.45. At number 4 we have Jon Bowditch with his time of 19.20 and completing the trio was one of our younger athletes Henry Miller with his time of 19.30 and really pleased to see his hard efforts pay off with a place in the club records.
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 72.43% – New Entry
2 Jim Watson – 71.81%
3 Timmy Gedin – 71.27%
4 Anthony Snelling – 70.31% – New Entry
5 Al Silvester – 70.25%
The Men’s age grading gets a new look with 2 new entries with the forever youthful Paul Gasson claiming the crowning glory at the top with his 72.43% and Anthony Snelling popping in to 4th place with his 70.31%.
Bevendean Down parkrun Women
1 Tara Shanahan 2017 21m 12s – Improvement
2 Katherine O’Hara 2016 21m 24s
3 Caroline Wood 2016 21m 35s
4 Jackie Rymell 2017 23m 55s – Improvement
5 Nicky Yeates 2016 24m 19s – New Entry

For the women we have 2 new improvements and one new entry. It goes without question that Tara Shanahan would make an appearance here and with her improvement of 58 seconds to bring her time to 21.12, she moves up two places to claim top spot. Another improver is Jackie Rymell who consolidates 4th spot with 23.55 which is an improvement of 29 seconds.  A new entry in to 5th place is Nicky Yeates as she debuts with 24.19.
Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 80.08% – Improvement
2 Nicky Yeates – 78.68% – Improvement
3 Tara Shanahan – 76.42% – Improvement
4 Jackie Rymell – 73.73% – Improvement

5 Katherine O’Hara – 72.43%
In the age grading table there are no new entries but all of the top 4 improve on their times to all hold their positions. Caroline Wood still retains top spot as she makes a slight improvement of 0.47% and breaks the 80% barrier to now hold at 80.08%, Nicky Yeates makes a big improvement of 3.76% to now grade at 78.68% and holds 2nd place. 3rd place is still held by Tara Shanahan who makes a big indent in her age grading as she improved by 4.09% to hold at 76.42% and Jackie Rymell also makes a good dent by posting 73.73% an improvement of 2.35%
The Worthing parkrun was only recently added to the club records and so no records were available for 01/01/2017 therefore no comparisons could be made.