Worthing parkrun Arena club records tumble

The race report will be forthcoming from Al Silvester but here is the club records report.
The third of the parkrun series over at Worthing didn’t disappoint as the club records went tumbling. In fact the women’s records were, all bar one, all re-written in terms of time and age grading’s.
In the men’s records there was one new entry to the list as that man Richard Clayton who, on his debut here, enters the club records to share 4th spot with Joe Ashley with his time of 16.46.
There was also a new entry in the men’s age grading records as Marc Steene, another first timer, took a time of 19.30 but this put his age grading at 80.85% to take him in to 3rd spot.
The women were rampant out on the course and the records went tumbling one after the other.
The women’s times all went except Emily Proto’s leading time of 17.39.
It was Caroline Hoyte making her debut who shows us all how it’s done by putting in a run of 18.06 and also taking an age grading result of 89.50%. This puts her in to 2nd spot in the times and 2nd spot in the age grading records. This age grading is now a course record in the VW45-49 group as well as holding the 9th highest age grading ranking ever for this course.
Tara Shanahan who really doesn’t seem to be putting a foot wrong at the moment took a PB time of 18.46 which takes her into 3rd spot. With this time her age grading was 87.21% and puts her into 4th spot on the age grading records.  
One of our youngest members of the club Lucy May-Richardson put in a great shift on her course debut as she had a cracking run with a time of 19.15. This times puts her in to 4th spot in the club records.
Taking the 5th spot on the women’s club records is Katherine O’Hara. Katherine always looks so lean and this supports the strength in her running as she came home in 19.25 also on her course debut.
In the women’s age grading records there are two improvements and three new entries.
Caroline Wood who has had a racing resurgence this year had a cracking run with a 19.31 run and improved on her top placing age grading from 88.76% to 91.55%. This is now a course record in the VW55-59 group as well as being the 3rd highest ever in the Age Graded league table for Worthing.
Nicky Yeates who has also been in very impressive form for 2018 enters the records in 3rd spot as her run of 21.50 put her age grading at 88.85% and is a course record in the VW60 -64 group. Nicky also now holds the 11th highest age grading ranking ever for this course.
Sue Brumwell takes her place in the club records for the first time as she put in her fastest 5k time since 2013. Sue is another lady who has had somehow found magnificent form this year and has shown some fine results of late. Her PB time of 21.44 moved her age grading at this course from 76.63% to 82.21% and puts her in 5th spot.
There is something to be said about these parkrun series as the records get totally bulldozed when Arena get together.
Congratulations to all of our new or improved record breakers and well done to everyone else on some great running results out there.
You can find all the club records: Here
Here is the new look club records for the Worthing parkrun.
Worthing parkrun Men
1= James Dicks 2016 16m 29s
1= Alex Jago 2017 16m 29s
3 Al Silvester 2017 16m 37s
4 = Joe Ashley 2017 16m 46s
4 = Richard Clayton 2018 16m 46s 

Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 82.88%
2 Dan Vaughan – 81.39%
3 Marc Steene – 80.85% 1st time
4 Joe Ashley – 80.82%
5 Al Silvester – 79.84%

Worthing parkrun Women
1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
2 Caroline Hoyte 2018 18m 06s
3 Tara Shanahan 2018 18m 46s
4 Lucy May-Richardson 2018 19m 15s
5 Katherine O ‘Hara 2018 19m 25s

Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 91.55%

2 Caroline Hoyte – 89.50%
3 Nicky Yeates – 88.85%
4 Tara Shanahan – 87.21%
5 Sue Brumwell – 82.21%