WSFRL Hangover 5 – New Year’s Day

It’s been quite a good year for Arena 80 in terms of this year’s WSFRL races. It’s not something that we have traditionally been drawn to as a club, however this year we have seen an increase in the amount of runners trying these races out. The fact that these races are only £3.00 compared to many other races that are put on for a substantial amount more for even a 5k race makes these races excellent value. The routes vary and many are off terrain making them excellent work outs or race sharpener runs. These races shouldn’t be overlooked over the year and these are suitable for all abilities as well as some of our newer members to try these as an introduction to Arena 80. We hope to surpass our achievement of 2018 and it would be great if we could get more of our members to try them out for 2019. Honestly for £3.00 it’s a no brainer and of course another great way to hang out with your Arena buddies as well. So with all of that in mind 2019 kicks off right at the start of 2019.
Get your New Year off to a good start by running the Hangover 5 on New Year’s Day. It is a fabulous event, guaranteed to cure your hangover! Up, Up, Up to Cissbury ring, then thankfully down, down, down to the finish. Let’s get Arena off to a good start for the league for 2019. Usual bargain £3.00 to enter before the day. Please let Anne Miners know and transfer the money before 20th December. Good training for those considering Bexhill and Parliament Hill….