The Super Series review 2018

The final Super Series race took place on Saturday 15th December with the Hove age grading parkrun event bringing an end to this year’s challenge.

It’s been another magnificent year for the club and there is no coincidence that the Super Series races went a big way to Arena 80 winning the Harvey Curtis team cup for the third year in a row.

With a good variation of races to get stuck into, our athletes have pushed themselves over the 12 months in order to gain the advantage in the tables. However it’s not just the big races that we enjoyed ourselves, some of the most popular races have been the club only races with some getting some 65+ runners along to. We really must thank Danny Cartledge for keeping the SS races going and for collating all the results and tables. Also to all of those members that help to put these club races on along with the volunteers that help to make them run smoothly, we really couldn’t do it without their help. We are always looking for new race ideas so if you have something in mind and think you can help then let us know and I’m sure we can get some volunteers to help if you need them.

So on to the Super Series 2018 winners. It goes without saying that two people have stood out from the crowd over the 12 months. Withmany of us training for a specific race to make sure we are at optimum race speed, our two winners this year have consistently raced at a high level winning virtually all races and breaking records along the way. They have setsuch a high bar which can only be a benefit to the club as we all now have tochase, not only them, but those new record times as well. I am of course talking about Tara Shanahan and Richard Clayton who both came away as thisyear’s Super Series winners for the men and women.

With only 6 of the 12 races needed to count, Tara won 4 of the races that she took part in and with a couple of second places Tara amassed a total of 8 points. Tara retains the title and has now done the triple having won this in 2016 & 2017, now that’s what I call invincible. Tara always delivering and has been a top points scorer this year. Pretty much untouchable this year.

In the same way Richard won 8 of the 9 races he took part in and ended with a total of 6 points. An unbelievable year for this man and we really look forward to his marathon in 2019.

They have set the benchmark now for us to chase for 2019. Richard retains his title from 2017 to make it a double as he placed 2nd in 2016. Again another consistent set of results.

In 2nd place for the ladies we say well done to Dani Tarleton who also placed 2nd in 2017 and 4th in 2016. Certainly another one of the consistent brigade and a lady that still inspires many and along with her captain duties, she always brings it when needed to. Dani won a couple of the races and with the same for 2nd & 3rd she scored a total of 12 points.

The 3rd place lady went to Soulla Wright. Another great year from Soulla, who scored many points for the club over the course of the year, and has upped her game over the last 12 months and very worthy of the 3rd place. Soulla was 4th last year and unplaced in 2016 so has made great progress since joining Arena. Soulla also nicked a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd place to help keep her points down and totalled 23 points

As for the men, then 2nd place was taken by Aled Anderson. 2018 has been a breakthrough year in terms of his running capabilities. There is no surprise that Aled took the most improved athlete at this year’s awards night. Aled hasn’t placed previously so great to see his hard efforts paying off in 2018. Aled nicked a 1st place and along with four 2nd places this helped his total to 13 points.

So good was his year that Aled also took 2nd place in the Sussex Grand Prix series which is an incredible feat to have achieved at any level. For that alone we must congratulate and applaud this amazing achievement. Aled scored 2980 points with the winner on 2984 so Aled was so close to the top spot. Just as an additional to the SGP result, we should also congratulate Dan Vaughan who placed 9th with 2918 points.

On to the 3rd place man was taken by Anthony Snelling. What can you say about Anthony except, the one word I would like to use is ‘admiration’. Anthony just gets on with the job and without realising it, when you look at the results and tables Anthony is always up there with the best of them. Another very solid year from Anthony and a very popular and well deserved 3rd place. Anthony was also 2nd last year and 5th in 2016, just solid. With a 1st, 2nd and four 3rd places this helped Anthony to a total of 15 points and so close to Aled.

I think you’ll all agree that all 3 men and women were very worthy winners having put in so much over the last 12 months and all contributing to many points for the HCC.

They all walk away with prizes of

1st – £25 and a year’s free membership
2nd – £15
3rd – £10

And the two lowest points total £15 

For the secondary point’s competition of accumulated points over the year the winners are: Tara who walks away with it for the ladies for the third time with a total of 106 points and Anthony Snelling for the men with a total of 74 points.

Looking at the league tables, it’s really encouraging to see some new names now breaking into the top 10 for both the men and women. Helene Rooney, Sue Brumwell and Helen Moss in the ladies top 10 and Steve McNealy, TJ, Luke Carter and David Gifford for the men.

So that’s it for another year and what a year. Congratulations to all of our winners and again thank you to Danny and everyone else who contributed to the series whether it be marshalling, counting, time keeping and of course those that put the events on. We really couldn’t do this without the help of our members and it’s greatly appreciated, we now look forward to do it all over again in 2019.

Feel free to indulge over the festering period as we know you’ll all be back to burn it all off after the new year.

May we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.