The Bill Mulholland road race winner for 2018 – Richard Clayton

At the after track soiree on Monday 17th December we gave out the very prestigious Bill Mulholland road race award. This trophy reads like a who’s who of past Arena champions. The award is presented for the best road race of the year, which doesn’t necessarily mean the fastest but could be the most unexpected, the most determined, supportive so it can cover a multitude of reasons.
However this year there really was only one person in the running and it went to the man who, if I said outstanding would be an understatement, has just had the most phenomenal year breaking virtually every club record there is, I am of course talking about Richard Clayton.  
The winner for 2018 went to Richard for his Bright10 race in which he smashed the men’s 10 mile record by 2 mins and 6 Secs as well as breaking the very long-standing 10 mile record overall, previously held by Caroline Hoyte and set waaaaaaaaay back in 1998 where she set the time of 56.40, which also gives you an indication as to how good Caroline was – and still is. 
Richard now joins the long list of past winners (see photo below) to take his place amongst Arena’s finest road race champions . 
Huge congratulations Richard Clayton on a magnificent year of running and for all that you’ve achieved in 2018. That was one hell of a ride for you I’m sure, so now bring on 2019!!

Dan Vaughan keeping his eye on the prize.

The Bill Mulholland Trophy

The A Listers of Arena 80 ac