New parkrun club record and three new improvements

With the very last kick of the game, er sorry wrong sport, so with the very last touch of the ball, oops again, so with the last run of the year and just when you thought it was all over (I refer to admins post about the end of year club records) there is one more roll of the dice which has changed the look of the parkrun club records for 2018. We have one new club record broken plus three new improvements and they all come from our over 40’s unit.
Let’s start over at Hove Park parkrun where Joe Ashley took to the ups and downs of this course to record a time of 16.41. This was 16 seconds from his PB but this improved his age grading from 81.68% to 81.82% to further take hold of the 3rd place spot. A solid way to end the year and congratulations Joe on a highly successful year for yourself and the club.
Brighton & Hove Men’s Age grading
1 Charlton Rudwick – 85.46%
2 Paul Gasson – 84.14%
3 Joe Ashley – 81.82%
4 Paul Arscott 81.66%
5 Dan Vaughan – 80.89%
We move over to Worthing parkrun now and the newest member to join (re-join) our club is someone who is well-known and no stranger to parkrun, that being Michael Rix. Michael making his first outing for the club since signing on the dotted line, took on the windy seafront and came home in 17.28. Now that’s impressive enough but sprinkle a little age grading over the top and you get yourself a beautifully finished off new club men’s age grading record. His age grading of 83.11% parachutes him straight to the top of the table, not bad for your first day in an Arena vest. We officially say welcome to the club Michael and if you’re going to make an entrance then that’s the perfect way to introduce yourself to us., It’s good to have you back on board the Arena train.
Worthing Men’s Age grading
1 Michael Rix – 83.11%
2 Paul Gasson – 82.88%
3 Dan Vaughan – 81.39%
4 Marc Steene – 80.85%
5 Joe Ashley – 80.82%
Now on to the final parkrun of the day and surely the run of the day!!! It comes from the lady who has simply been outstanding (and I do not use that term loosely here) all year. Really though, what a way to end the year off with the most incredible run down at the Hove Prom parkrun. I’m talking about Tara ‘no stopping her’ Shanahan who went sub 18 for the first time ever either at parkrun or a 5k race. She pulled off a time of 17.59 which, given the windy conditions, was simply incredible and how on earth did she do that. There are not enough superlatives for this lady for what she has achieved in terms of the club records this year and so to end the year with two new club improvements and a PB just doesn’t get any better.
Tara now takes 2nd spot alongside Caroline Hoyte as they both have identical times. She also moves up one place to 2nd in the age grading records with 91.01%, overtaking her role model Chris Naylor. Brilliant running that is all I can say here so congratulations Tara on a most superb year of racing for the club and thank you for raising the bar and our club record standards.
Hove Promenade parkrun Women
1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 53s
=2 Caroline Hoyte 2015 17m 59s
=2 Tara Shanahan 2018 17m 59s
4 Emily Hutchinson 2016 18m 31s
5 Maisie Trafford 2017 18m 47s
Hove Promenade Women Age grading
1 Caroline Wood – 91.47%
2 Tara Shanahan – 91.01%
3 Chris Naylor – 90.92%
4 Nicky Yeates – 88.65%
5 Caroline Hoyte – 88.32%