Arena volunteers required for the Brighton Half Marathon

Dear All
If any of our club members are not running the Btn Half and would like to give something back to the club (as the club give a lot to you) then please consider volunteering with other Arena members. It’s a great way to give back to both the club and to our sport as well as hanging out with your Arena buddies.
Arena 80 has again committed to providing at least 20 volunteers for the Brighton Half Marathon on Sunday 24 February 2019. We have already been allocated our marshalling spot at the Peace Statue as in previous years, so we can continue the good work that we have started. We will all be at the Peace Statue area, I won’t have our talents and experience wasted marshalling closed roads as in previous years (unless there is a dire emergency of course).
We receive a substantial donation from the organisers for this, which the committee has again this year allocated to subsidise the excellent social events that we organise.
There is a new system of registering your interest this year, instructions as follows:
It would be great if you can ask each volunteer to register online via the following link:
asking them to select “yes” to the question “Are you volunteering as part of a running or community group” and then typing Arena80 in the appropriate box (so that we can track your volunteers).
However, it’s crucial that as well as registering like this, you let me know that you’ve done so, as I don’t have access to this and need to keep track of how many volunteers we have.
We also receive free places in the race for club members. If you would like a place, all we ask in return is that you provide 2 volunteers, from outside the club if at all possible, it somewhat defeats the object otherwise, a small price to pay for an entry worth £40! These places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so let me know as soon as you can, but we don’t usually use all the places. The closing date for entering the race using one of these places is midnight on 3 February.
Please reply to the email address below, as I don’t do Facebook.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Graham Shorter: