An improvement to the men’s Hove Prom parkrun records

So another improvement to the club records has slipped through admins net so our apologies for missing this one.
It comes from our long standing member Mats Gedin who has proved to be an absolute jewel for Arena 80 ac over the years so it’s good to see Mats still making waves in the club records again. This one comes from his Hove Prom parkrun back in September 2018 when he ran an excellent time of 18.38 but crucially gave him an age grading of 82.47%, which was plenty enough to put him in to 2nd place just behind Paul Gasson. Mats, who lives in Sweden these days, doesn’t get to run so often in the UK now but when he does he always seems to make a name for himself. We have no doubt that we will be hearing about Max in the near future.
The new men’s age grading records now stands:
Age grading
1 Paul Gasson – 83.22%
2 Mats Gedin – 82.47%
3 Dan Vaughan – 82.38%
4 Richard Clayton – 81.48%
5 Marc Steene – 80.93%
You can find all the club records Here