A80 parkrun series 2019

Ok folks, here it is. The post you’ve been waiting all of 2019 for! The 2019 parkrun series calendar and updated scoring rules!
First things first. Which events and when:
So this year we will be having 7 events incorporating the East Brighton parkrun later on in the year (so hopefully everyone can get out there an reccy it and post some good records before they all get smashed on the big day):
Preston park Feb 16th (position score)
Hove prom March 16th (age score)
Bevendean May 11th (pos)
Worthing June 29th (age)
Peacehaven August 31st (pos)
East Brighton October 26th (age)
Hove park Dec 14th (age)
I realise there are some other races / events on some of these weekends, but as there are races EVERY weekend it seems, its hard to fit them all in, but no harm in treating the PR series as a loosener for the following more important races.
Secondly, a big change due to the added event, is that you will still be scored on 6 races, but only the best (i.e. lowest score achieved) 6 of the 7 that you run, giving you a chance to have a breather and miss one if you so wish. If you miss more than one then you will get the default score for any missed races up to the qualifying 6 races for overall score.
Still with me? Good, as it gets a bit more complicated now.
We will be keeping the bonus points for Arena time and age grading record breakers, and parkrun age category records. However in addition a bonus point for each runner will also be available for each race if they achieve a PB during that race. A first time run doesn’t count, so if you haven’t run any of the above events yet, i suggest you do so before the scheduled event. The only event excluded from this is East Brighton as most people haven’t done it yet and don’t want any tactical slow runs beforehand just to get a point!
As with last year, lowest overall score (for the 6 of 7 races) wins.
Good luck everyone and hope to see you all on Feb 16th.