Two new club record improvements at parkrun

A new year, a new week and yet more improvement to the parkrun club records. In only the third parkrun of the year, we have had yet more improvements to the parkrun club records so this could be yet another vintage year to our club records.
Today’s comes courtesy of the newly re-signed Michael Rix as having made his mark at Worthing a couple of weeks ago, he took on the Hove Prom. He posted his fastest time at this course since July 2017 with a time of 17.38. Although this was not a PB time for him (17.03) what this did give him was an age grading of 82.33% which was enough to put him in to the men’s club records in 4th place for this course. Michael is certainly getting his name up there and I just wonder how many more times we’ll see his name cropping up this year in our club records (no pressure Michael).
Hove Prom Age Grading – Men’s
1 Paul Gasson – 83.22%
2 Mats Gedin – 82.47%
3 Dan Vaughan – 82.38%
4 Michael Rix – 82.33%
5 Richard Clayton – 81.48%
We also had a corker from last week’s Worthing parkrun when Maisie Trafford took on Worthing for the very first time with a belting time of 18.05, not bad going for your first outing out here. She vaulted herself into 2nd place and beat her training partner’s (Caroline Hoyte) time by 1 second to secure that 2nd spot. A superb run so early in the year but looks like winter training is paying off for our runners now.
Worthing parkrun Women
1 Emily Proto 2016 17m 39s
2 Maisie Trafford 2019 18m 05s
3 Caroline Hoyte 2018 18m 06s
4 Tara Shanahan 2018 18m 46s
5 Lucy May Richardson 2018 19m 15s
Congratulations to both Michael and Maisie, both of whom ran in not the best of conditions is has to be said. More to come surely?