The club records are still being pushed on.

It was a cracking day at the Chichester 10k on Sunday 3rd February. The weather actually held good although it was a very cold start. It was a big field but the quality of the field was of a very high standard which could only help our athletes perform to the best they could. We were not disappointed either as our athletes out it all in with many more PB’s being taken at this event.
Amongst those shining were Caroline Hoyte who took a very impressive 1st FV45 placing in a time of 35.43 and 6th overall for the ladies. Emily Proto still working hard on her marathon training coming home in 12th with a time of 36.38 which was only 13 seconds outside of her PB time. Caroline Wood continuing her strong 2018 year with a 3rd place in the FV55 with a time of 40.54. Anne Miners who has really been putting in the training this year and today took a 4th place in the FV60 in a time of 48.35 and Yvonne Patrick taking a good 6th place in the FV60 in a time of 50.05.
The men also looked very good out there as well. Dan Vaughan still doing it out there and was 9th in the MV45 in 36.34 with Michael Rix coming in one place lower in 10th in the MV45 in a time of 36.38.
However we’ve saved the best until last as we have a new men’s 10k club record plus a new edition to the women’s 10k records.
So the new edition for the ladies comes from the girl who has found so much strength over the last few months and is coming on leaps and bounds, as they say. Maisie Trafford put in a brilliant turn to come in 5th overall in a time of 35.40 and was one place ahead of Caroline Hoyte, her training partner and mentor. It really was a very strong race for her and the time puts her in to the ladies club records in 4th spot. These ladies 10k records have been very hard to puncture over the years so it tells you how strong her race was. Today.
The big news of the day goes to Timmy Gedin who broke the club record and took over from Richard Clayton, who ironically also broke the club record at this same race one year ago. This seems to be the race to go to for quick times especially when you look at the women’s 10k records as there are also three in there from Chichester. Timmy was 39th overall and his time was an astonishing 33.13 beating the previous best which was set at 33.21. Who said being a dad slows you down especially when the top 3 of the records are all new dads.
It’s incredible how the club records are already being re-written and we have only just touched February. This could just be one hell of a year for the club records.
Congratulations to all our athletes that went out there and gave some very strong personal performances but especially to our new club record entries, Maisie and Timmy, our new Prom king and Queen LOL.
The new look records are:
10K Men
1 Tim Gedin SM Chichester 2019 33m 13s
2 Richard Clayton SM Chichester 2018 33m 21s
3 Al Silvester SM Phoenix 2016 33m 54s
4 Richard Burgess-Gamble SM Newick 2010 33m 59s
=5 Mats Gedin O40 Brighton 2005 34m 13s
=5 Alex Jago SM Stubbington Green 2018 34m 13s
10K Women
1 Caroline Hoyte O35 Chichester 2008 33m 27s
2 Lynn Williams SW Brooks 1998 34m 28s
3 Fiona Clark SW Brighton 2009 34m 44s
4 Maisie Trafford SW Chichester 2019 35m 40s
5 Julie Briggs O35 Chichester 2011 35m 57s
As always you can find all the club records: Here
Don’t forget out next big club race is the first of the Parkrun Series races at Preston park which is a position scoring race on Saturday 16th February. There is always a very big club turn out for this one as well as a lot of PB’s thrown in for good measure. Al Silvester will be sending out the details to this very soon.