We say adieu to Aled Anderson

Have you ever been down the beach searching through all the stones and pebbles and just hoping to find that one piece of sea glass and then after hunting, what seems like forever, you find that large piece that is just the ultimate in finds, well this is what Arena 80 had with Aled Anderson.
Now you’re probably wondering why this is being written? Well It’s our way of saying goodbye to Aled as he is now moving back to Swansea, his homeland.
We’ve had many members pass through the club over the years and more than we dare to remember, but every once in a while, a member comes along and makes their mark on the club and so it is with Aled Anderson. Aled is one of those athletes who will be remembered for a long time and for all the right reasons. Last year he won the club award for the most improved athlete and quite rightly so, having had a phenomenal racing year in 2018.
Aled came to track on Monday night for one more session with his homies, his crew, his group, his friends. Asked about whom his inspirations were in the club and without hesitation he said “the guys that have kept me going, Timmy, Del, Michael and Blake”. They have undoubtedly helped to push Aled on and to be able to achieve new heights with his running. I asked him what does he consider to be his best race and ironically it was the top he was wearing at track on Monday, the Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend. However Aled chose to spend his last evening with the us at Withdean track while up at Hailsham Dan Vaughan was picking up a trophy for Aled as the 2nd place man for the Sussex Grand Prix Series, I mean really how cool is that to have sat on your fire place, microwave or wherever else one puts trophies.
Aled’s name will live on at Arena 80 though in the form of club records. Aled is 3rd place man in the Peacehaven parkrun records (17.43) and 2nd place man in the Bevendean parkrun records (18.39) so his name should be around for a while yet.
Aled has said that he wants to continue running as an Arena first claim for the time being until he finds his feet back in Swansea so we may be seeing his name pop up now and again in the results page and, who knows, perhaps a club record somewhere down the line. He’s coming back in a couple of weeks to race in the Brighton Half so we’ll have a chance to cheer him on through the Peace Statue Arena point.
It’s been a real pleasure having Aled along at the club and he’ll be missed by many so on behalf of everyone here at Arena 80 we wish you all the very best for the future and thank you for being part of the Arena 80 family. Take care Aled x