Arena’s Fiona Jamie to row from Ibiza to Barcelona

Hi everyone,
Here is a great opportunity for an Arena social gathering! As many of you know I have undertaken an ocean row across part of the Mediterranean to raise money for the Noman charity. Team Brighton has organised a couple of events to help with the fundraising.
FRIDAY 5TH APRIL we have a Barn Dance with a great band and caller and FRIDAY 17TH MAY we have a Casino night with roulette, black jack and wheel of fortune. Please come along and support us and have fun. Both events are being held at the Hove Rugby Club in the Hove Rec. There will be buffet style food provided, a raffle and the bar will be open until midnight. Bring a group of friends and be prepared to party!

Let me know if you would like some tickets. For more info about what we are doing have a look at our Facebook page.
This would be great to support and have an Arena social at the same time, so who’s up for this?