Vet’s league meeting – Wednesday May 15, Eastbourne

Dear Over 35’s
The dates for the Vet’s league meetings have now been confirmed as follows:
Wednesday May 15, Eastbourne
Monday June 10, Lewes
Monday July 29, Lewes
Regrettably there are only 3 meetings this year instead of the hoped for 4 and this is due to difficulty in clubs being able to host an event. However, Hastings are back in action this year, so it is hoped that there will be a meeting in Hastings in 2020 (although the distance there is a cause for concern).  
Below is the programme for the first meeting.
As I have said on numerous occasions in the past, these meetings are good fun and are nowhere near as elitist as you might think. The standard does vary from very good (Paul Gasson) to very poor (me), so there is almost certainly a competitive event with your name on it. So get the dates in your diaries and wait for the invitation to participate.
I’ll again be organising both the men’s and women’s teams, although I can’t actually be at the Eastbourne, I’ll do as much as I can in advance for that and delegate the bits to do on the day to some as yet unsuspecting volunteer (volunteers please?)
As in previous years, I’ll be taking it one meeting at a time, so probably just after Easter, I’ll be inviting you all to participate at Eastbourne and I’ll put the team together then
Graham Shorter
Note that in all individual track events the V35 age group is open to an A & B string competitor from each club but the V50 and V60, where offered, are for A string only.  All age groups in field events have A string athletes only.  Throws and horizontal jumps are limited to 4 trials only.  Relay races are open to any mix of eligible athletes.
MATCH 1 EASTBOURNE Wednesday 15 May 2019
T = Track / F = Field
T 18.40 1000m walk       M&W    35          50
F 18.30 Hammer             M           35          50
F 18.30 Shot                     W          35          50          60
T 19.00 100m                   M           35          50          60
T 19.20 100m                   W          35          50          60
F 19.20 High Jump           M           35          50          60
F 19.20 Triple Jump         W          35          50
F 19.20 Hammer              W          35          50
F 19.45 Javelin                  M           35          50          60
T 19.40 400m                   M           35          50
T 19.50 400m                    W          35          50
F 20.00 High Jump            W          35          50          60
F 20.00 Triple Jump         M           35          50
T 20.10 1500m                 M           35          50
T 20.25 1500m                 W          35          50
T 20.35 4x100m              M
T 20.45 4x100m              W