Arena’s Hove Park Races – Sunday 16th June – Arena volunteers will be required

The Hove Park races will be held on the morning of Sunday 16th June.  This is Arena’s event in the West Sussex Fun Run League.  I would really appreciate it if as many club members as possible would be able to help out and volunteer on the day.  Please put the date in your diaries and further information will be posted shortly.
Many thanks in advance for you help 
Anne Miners
Admin says: The club gives a lot to its members and we ask for very little back, however Arena put on two races a year in which the proceeds benefit the club and its members. This is where we ask that you give something back to the club by volunteering at these events, so please don’t just leave it to others. Not only are you helping the club but it’s also a very good club bonding time where you get a chance to talk to the other club members and it becomes more of a social event..