Helen Moss takes 2nd lady at the Ultra X – Sri Lanka

What a magnificent achievement from Arena’s Helen Moss in her first ever multi-day race.
The race is now over! The long stage on Thursday meant 67km across a long stretch of logging road which rolls gently uphill through beautiful paddies up towards the mountains of Horton Plains and WellaWella which will become visible in the latter stages of the day. Several competitors who were feeling the heat from the strains of the last couple of day made the decision not to start the stage. One had to drop out during.
Crossing the finish line on Thursday meant that the race was almost complete and did this justice. The final night of the race spent at the edge of the rainforest- camping underneath the mountains and Horton Plains National Park.
As is always the case with Ultra X events these are adventures and it was proved so on the final day where 30 mins before the race started we had to change the route due to elephants on course! The slight change meant that the jungle stage was reduced, kick off time delayed 30 mins and the course shortened to 36km.
It was awesome to see the majority of competitors out on course to start the final day and cross the finish line in ecstasy.
Huge commiserations to Katie Sloane, our women’s leader throughout the week, who was forced to pull out of the final stage on doctors orders due to an infected blister. As a result Anne-Marie Watson took the women’s field, with Helen Moss Arena 80 taking 2nd place. Huge congratulations Helen and massive well done from everyone here at Arena 80. A superb endurance race from you and we look forward to seeing you back safe and well at the track to hear all about it.

Helen Moss – Taken at the The Weakest Link 2018